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Another part of the Interrum idea I am developing, I am trying to forsee how the Silver Pact might be used to unite a group of Lunars into action as the world around them changes.

Changes in the Wind

The opening act of the Interrum period is the revolution in the Realm. Forced to deal with the knowledge of the corruption the Sidereals and Yozi had over it, the Dragon Bloods, lead by a new emperor, are distracted from external affairs for several years while this is managed. As a result, the loss of Dynastic support of Threshold satrapies means that many smaller nations become viable targets for barbarians to strike or Fair Folk to raid. In the North especially, there is a lot of potential for crafty Lunar leaders to carve out chunks of conquest in the ice and forests.

Bull of the North

Something I think would be interesting for this is the Bull of the North allying himself with some Northern Lunars. By themselves, even the Bull cannot make a large stand, as the Haltans and other groups can fend them off well enough to prevent making a permanent presence. With the Realm's retreat, though, the Bull and a few Lunars with sizable hoards could easily, IMO, carve out a barbarian nation in the northeast. If it could spread from Gethamme to Sijan is debatable, but interesting in any case.

Rathess and the Solars

With the RiseOfRathess, the power balance in the Southeast will shift majorly. Solars bringing back the lost First Age cities and forts in the region could relatively quickly eat up the Scavenger Lands; many of the Hundred Nations can conceivably look to them for protection as the increase of raids and strikes make them look for protection. Assuming the leaders in Rathess are at least moderately benign, their popular support in the region would grow to a healthy percentage. Since defeating Ma-Ha-Suchi(?) is assumed of any group able to retake the city, the question is what will this mean to other Lunars in the area? If she is seen as deranged and corrupted, then the Solars will gain an air of nobility about them, making the Lunars relatively easy allies to gather into the burgeoning young nation. If, however, the same character was a respected Lunar, either liked or feared by the others, it becomes far less clear, and the Lunar / Solar relations will be tenuous and difficult in the early years.

The Silver Way and Nation Building

It's obvious that Lunars are typically wary of civilized life, and are less likely to build a state ringing back to the First Age than the Solars would. As stated in Discussions/SiderealsRevealed, a new Silver Faction could conceivably attempt to work towards the goal of convincing a band of Lunars to focus their efforts in creating a stable society on the edges of Creation. Alternatively, they would likely form a society looking more like the Huns of old. Their suspicion of the Sidereal's motives and memory of the past will likely be the biggest factors in how well the Sidereals can directly influence them.