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V’neef Jiaro

Second child of the first daughter of the founder of prestigious House V’neef, his exceptional talents developed at a young age. His mother had taken favor in her child, and he was enrolled into one of the most prestigious boarding schools. The family was not at all surprised to hear of his early exaltation in the school. Showing promise which was more than apparent to his peers and teachers, the entire house took pride in his progress. Accordingly, he did not easily make friends in the boarding school, overcoming the jealousy only through his communicative skills.

Seeing his talents in the magical arts, it was no major matter to have Jiaro enrolled at the Heptagram as soon as he was able. While there, he was far more easily accepted than in primary school, but no group had taken him in too closely, each fearful of his connections with the others. As such, he was able to spend more time learning the arcane arts while he focused and honed his emulation of the power of Mela. He left understanding the concepts of demon summoning in great detail, as well as a smattering of other occult knowledge.

Soon after his graduation, Jiaro was summoned to the house’s central manse. He met with his grandmother, who he had previously only spoken with briefly at family functions and other gatherings. For three days, she sat with him, and spoke with him of her plans for the house and him in particular. While she had other grandchildren which make a bigger play for public attention, she hoped that he would be able to take the house’s fortunes to a higher level. The house was young and small, and even with the notably quick breeding the family had been going through to fill its ranks, the wineries and merchant navy would not be enough to keep the house going forever. Knowing of his rare gift of sorcery, she set forth a plan for him to make a name for himself in the Realm at large, believing that if he could begin to set a trend for their house to be a central powerhouse of mystic might, he and the house could at once be elevated.

Left to his own devices for a time, Jiaro traveled across the Scavenger Lands and the South, digging about for new sources of mystical knowledge. He also used this time to begin exploring more deeply with the powers of demon summoning; being apart from the Realm, the repercussions for failure to bind the demons he summoned would be far weaker. Early in his efforts to become familiar with all the various types of demons he could summon, he had become enamored with a neomah he had bound to his service. Named Valinalia, this alien beauty stirred something in him. Unlike the other creatures he kept as some cross of pets and slaves, he took particular care with her; as a result, he found subsequent attempts to summon her to him a simple affair. As he grew more curious of the powers his sorcery could grant, Jiaro traveled with her in tow, her form changed to appear as a young, beautiful woman who could be easily mistaken for a fire aspect Dragon-Blooded.

Returning to the Realm after a few years of his exploration, he met again with V’neef. Impressed with his burgeoning skills, she learned of his relation with the demoness. While initially concerned, she quickly understood the power he had gained with her. With her blessing, she placed a suggestion with the Immaculate Order to consider accepting Jiaro’s special talents in the Wyld Hunt. The Order, a close ally of hers in any case, was quick to accept him. His goal in the service of the Wyld Hunt is three-fold. His skills in Terrestrial sorcery will assuredly come in handy against Anathema sorcerers, who only infrequently have spells at their disposals too great for his magics to cancel. Further, his other sorceries and mundane talents lent themselves extremely well to any expedition. Finally, the social skills he and his demonic courtesan can bring to bear provide a unique opportunity to both aide the tracking process and make a name and reputation for himself. It’s said that any publicity is good publicity, but V’neef has an expectation that he brings more pride to the house than scandal.