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Allright, my big claim to fame at the moment is my reworking of the resources system given in Manacles and Coin so that it actually works. I'm also working on a short story detailing the background of my Eclipse Caste character Emer Jadeth (Sagacious Hand).

In terms of systems work and houseruling, I try to make things work in a sane and logical fashion within the canon framework. I don't usually write out divergent systems, at least, not for Exalted.



Current Exalted Chronicle (Will Be Named In Good Time)



Emer Jadeth, a.k.a Sagacious Hand


Background Fiction

Nothing Cold But Jade.
Fiction centering around Emer Jadeth's Exaltaion and adventures five years before he meets the other members of his Circle.

System Reworking

Resources System

Lawyers, Guns and Money
Exalted Resources Version 2.5

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