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The Chosen Of The Archangels

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The Chosen of the Archangels (soon to be) Hardback

just kidding, i doubt this will even be looked at by any of the white wolf team.


Chapter 1: The Cathedral

Chapter 2: The Chosen

Chapter 3: Character Creation

Chapter 4: Traits

Chapter 5: Charms and Beliefs

Chapter 6: Storytelling


(heroic speech) Just because i am currently doing a campaign, It Dosn't Mean That I Will Ever Stop Creating Cool Stuff [Crowd cheer] (end Heroic speech)


Angels seem a bit Judeo-Christian for Creation but I'm somewhat interested in how this turns out- Enchantress

Yeh, how are you integrating the whole monotheism thing with Angels and the very, very integral polytheistic/animistic nature of Creation? Or are you scrapping the whole idea that Creation is polytheistic and working in a monotheistic Creation with lesser servants of the One True God? Or what? Cause angels are badass and all but they don't seem to fit into Creation that well. Except, ya know, as Exalted. Because the chosen servants of the gods are Exalted. - Telgar

I think i'v just got my head round all those big words. Ok, thanks for the tip, I hadnt thought about it until now. The Chosen look up/ believe in the Archangels, who were roughly equal Celestial incarne. so in essence, there is a small-ish chain, it begins with the mortals who are in the religion (soon to be named) who know about guardian angels and chosen etc. these mortals often pray to either their guardian angels or the chosen if it is a more important issue. If either of these two can't do anything about it then they will contact the gods, but that is a last resort, because the Chosen know that Heaven is slowly becoming corrupt. Blig001

A better way of putting it would be that i am isolating Angels from most other Gods and beliefs, and saying that it is only angels who are monotheistic, who believe in the one belief of the Archangels (its kind of like they are one god, but there is 2 of them). So , to the angels, there are only 10 gods worthy of being a god, which are the 2 archangels,and the Celestial Incarne. Everyone else they see as equals. Blig001