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Artifact ••• (Terrestrial rank)

Much as the daiklaive is the artifact equivalent of a sword, and the grimcleaver is the artifact version of an axe, so is the woeglaive the Exalted polearm. As extreme as any other weapon of the Chosen, a typical woeglaive (if there is such a thing) has a haft at least 5' in length and a blade that, were it not for the lightening effects of Essence, would weigh in excess of 90lbs. Suffice to say that anyone on the wrong end of one isn't going to be complaining.

A woeglaive grants the normal Magical Material bonus, requires the commitment of 9 motes and is typically fitted with two Hearthstone sockets.

                   Speed    Accuracy     Damage     Defence     Minimums
Woeglaive            -3        +2         +12L        -1          S•••

Power Combat
                  Speed    Accuracy     Damage     Defence     Rate     Minimums

Woeglaive +10 +2 +13L -2 2 S•••


What's a terrestrial rank artifact? - Telgar

Part of my own houserules for artefact construction and rating. Check Artifacts/MoxianeConstruction for more information, but you can ignore it without worries. - Moxiane

The long pole should give it a better defence bonus in my opinion. A standard polearm has a defence of +0, and artifacts are generally superior. -Fade

I would say that artefact weapons are not so much superior as they are weapon-plus. The woeglaive is a more extreme version of a polearm, relying on its reach and power to make sure that defence is not necessary. - explicative Moxiane

That's a cool idea - and you're welcome to do whatever you like, this being a game - but it doesn't seem to play out in the rules. I can't think of a single weapon that looses stats in any category when artifactified. Plus, I'm with Fade; long poles are excellent defensive weapons because they are very easy to interpose between you and the nasty edged thing that would like to hurt you - Seraph

Perhaps. I could argue that a long pole on its own is a great defensive weapon, while a long pole with a huge chunk of metal on one end is less so due to the loss of balance, but at the end of the day I set the woeglave's stats the way I did because that's how I wanted them. It is meant to be an offensive weapon, and its stats are keyed in that direction. At the same time, change the stats if you like - this came more from a name request than it did any real need for an artefact polearm. - contemplative Moxiane