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As some of you might know, Talismans are thaumaturgical devices similar to artifacts, however unlike Arifacts, Talismans are highly susceptable to both counter magic and to more natural means of nullification ( say like a very big rock )

You may be asking yourself; WHY!?!?!

well check it out, if your anyhing like me you like to stash away treasure for your players, however this can become a problem as whiney players tend to get upset that they are not getting their fare share o' tha loot.

Well give em some talismans and hide maby ONE cool artifact, this way every one gets something, and you don have to hear the babies complaining! you know if i hear "My DEMI-GOD doesnt have a arifact five blade of doomy doomyness." one more time im gonna shove that artifact blade up their...

any whoo i created a chart that uses d-10 rolls to come up with random trinkets