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Nightmist Caller

A level 5 Black Jade Artifact

by Telgar
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With its long and bloody history, the Nightmist Caller is famous in certain circles. The viciously serrated Black Jade dagger is simply constructed as if hewn directly from a hunk of stone and polished in the oceans. Caller's history stretches back to the First Age when it was the favored tool of a Water-Aspected Dragon-Blooded in service to a trio of Solar Night Castes who ruled a large area of River Province. It's owner was their personal assassin, delegated to kill any mortal or lesser being they saw as unwanted. Considering the psychosis of the Solars, Caller was kept busy. Legend says that at no time after the Jade cooled from its forging was Nightmist Caller ever without wet blood.

  • Wandering Shadowland CurseArtifacts/B> - The deaths on Caller's blade have left their mark forever, making the Nightmist Caller a unique item in the history of Creation. It is a portable Shadowland; the weapon itself forming a hole into the Underworld. At all times, Nightmist Caller is attempting to form a Shadowland, weakening the fabric of Creation around it. If the Caller remains within the same square mile for a full day it will succeed in creating a full-blown Shadowland 1000 yards in radius. If the Caller remains within the Shadowland for another day, the size doubles and will continue to increase in size every night at a rate of 1000 yards a day until it has reached 15,000 yards (3 miles) in radius. Moving the Caller outside of the Shadowland will end the expansion. The Shadowland will fade once the dagger is removed, shrinking just as fast as it appeared.
  • <B>Chill of MistsArtifacts/B> - The damp cold of Caller adds to the effect of the blade constantly attempting to form a Shadowland around itself and causes vegetation to rot around with it unnatural speed. Any normal plant that the blade comes within a yard of will die by the end of the day and begins sprouting fungi and mosses instantly.
  • <B>Calling the Nightmist - When drawn for use in combat the dagger summons a cold, vision-obscuring mist that covers 5 square yards around the wielder. This cold mist adds 3 to the difficulty of all attempts to see the attacker or target him with an attack. Ranged attacks are further impaired because the mist has a degree of intelligence and will direct attacks away if it can. An additional +2 difficulty is imposed on ranged attacks against the owner. Within the cloud of mist, the owner's Stealth rolls gain 3 automatic successes and his own awareness is not impeded at all. His attacks are at normal difficulty.
  • Mist-Hidden Strike - Surprise attacks made with Nightmist Caller ignore soak.
Nightmist Caller : Damage +6L Piercing | Accuracy +4 | Defense +3 | Speed +8 | Rate 3 | Committment 10

NotesArtifacts/B>: Were Nightmist Caller to somehow be cleansed and lose its Shadowland, it would lose the Wandering Shadowland Curse and the Chill of Mists abilities, reducing its level to 3.

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