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A level 5 Artifact trident.

by Telgar
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Crafted from the mast of the first ship to fall in the naval segment of the Primordial War, the Baymaker is a four-tined trident with a shaft of steel-hard wood, tips of Black Jade and Moonsilver tracery. The Baymaker is a formidable weapon in its own right but the powers within its ancient wood are the true lure of its legend. The powers of Baymaker allow its wielder to command the ocean beasts and wwalk or sail unscathed through the worst rages of the sea. Even more fearsome, Baymaker can live up to its name and bring the waters to its foes by sundering the very surface of Creation.

  • Walking the Waves The owner of Baymaker can travel across water without impediment by swimming or walking. He may walk atop the waves or on the bottom of the ocean with equal ease and he swims as quickly as he can run no matter his burdens.
  • King of the Waves The mortal beasts of the ocean and rivers of Creation fear Baymaker and whoever holds it. They will never willingly trouble the wielder of Baymaker and he can command them to do simple tasks with a Charisma + Survival roll, difficulty of their control rating -3.
  • Water Shapes the Land is the most fearsome power of the Baymaker. With this ability to owner can strike the land of Creation and destroy it, transforming even the rockiest mountains into rubble and water. These attacks treat land as if it were an inanimate objects. Charms can apply normally to these attacks, including those that enhance damage against objects.
    • For the purposes of using Baymaker to destroy land the terrain is considered to be either Water, Soft, Sturdy or Harsh. Soft terrain includes things such as sandy beaches, bogs, marshes and sandbars. Sturdy terrain is grasslands, plains, savannah or light forest. Harsh terrain is steppe, jungle, rock, desert or other extremes of terrain. To reduce the terrain by one "level" requires 20 health levels of damage per level decreased. It would thus require 60 health levels of damage to smash a rocky bluff into water.
    • An attack with Baymaker against land affects a radius of 200 yards around the point of impact. If a character uses Extra Action Charms or splits his dice-pool to make multiple rapid strikes with Baymaker the later strikes stack, increasing the radius of Baymaker's destructive effects by 100% per attack.
    • Land destroyed by Baymaker's powers crumbles to dust and is replaced by salt water. The landscape near the site of Baymaker's attacks conforms to its new circumstances, becoming softer and wetter. If a bog is destroyed, the grasslands nearby will sink into a foul swamp. The waters created by Baymaker are as many yards deep as the land it was created from were above sea level.
    • It is possible for the user of Baymaker to destroy less then the full amount he is entitled to if he wishes to make only a small pool or stream for demonstration or other purposes. It should be noted that unless huge areas of land are destroyed and geography takes over, rivers can not be created with Baymaker.

Baymaker : Damage +12L | Accuracy +4 | Defense +3 | Speed +7 | Rate 4 | Committment 10