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Name: Valeren Nyssa
Aspect: Air
Motivation: To protect her charge with her life
Concept: Bodyguard
Gens: Valeren XP: Spent/Total: 200/200

Strength ••, Dexterity •••••, Stamina ••••
Charisma ••, Manipulation •, Appearance ••••
Perception •••, Intelligence •••, Wits ••••

Archery 2, Athletics 2, <b>Awareness
4, Dodge 5, Investigation 1, Integrity 4, Linguistics 3, Lore 3, Martial Arts 5, Melee 2, Occult 3, Performance 2, Presence 1, Ride 2, Socialise 1, Stealth 1, Survival 1, Thrown 2, War 2

<b>Compassion ••, Conviction ••••, Temperance ••, Valor ••••

Virtue Flaw Valor

Willpower •••••••
Essence ••••
Personal 13
Peripheral 34

Her sisters, Her Gens

<b>Mertis, Flaws and Mutations Amputee (3pts), Diminished Sense (Partial Hearing), Enhanced Sight, Flight

Artifact ••••
Breeding ••
Family ••• (Rhaem, Esera and their father)
Reputation •••
Resources •••

Artifacts: Discreet Essence Armour ••, Elemental Lens •••, Swordsbane Daiklave •••
Arsenal: Dragonfly's Ranging Eye ••• (two dots + essence sight), Lightning Box ••

Health Levels</b> 0*1, -1*3, -2*3, Incap

<b>Soak</b> 9B/7L (2/2 hardness)

Second Awareness Excellency, All-Encompassing Earth Sense
Dodge Third Dodge Excellency, Threshold Warding Stance, Virtuous Negation Defence, Safety Amoung Enemies, Smouldering Karma Strike, Elemental Defence Technique, Unassailable Body of Air Defence
Integrity Third Integrity Excellency
Lore Elemental Bolt Attack
Martial Arts Third Martial Arts Excellency, Living Shield Technique, Dual Scarlet Blossom Technique, Falling Blossom Form, Purity of Purpose Attack, Undefended Assault Method, Strength of Faith Meditation
Resistance Ox-body Technique




A shogunate era dragon blooded, Nyssa is the 2nd oldest of 5 sisters, the favourite daughters of a prominent Gens in the era (the other being, in age order; Rhaem, cheif general of the Gen's armies; Esera, one the Gen's most skilled young bureacrats; Nimune, an able warrior in training; Io, the baby of the family with ambitions of being a diplomat) and the personal bodyguard of the most senior members. Being only slightly younger than Rhaem, the two of them had been extremely competetive from a young age, often falling out and both exalting within days of their 11th birthdays. While her elder sister became a general she threw herself into becoming the most skilled warrior she could, though it was one of her early missions going wrong that would shape her most. She reacted too late to a suprise attack from a newly exalted anathema while escorting the eldest daughter of the Gen's head on a wyld hunt. Although the sun demon was put down swiftly, her charge was utterly evicerated by their attack and Nyssa was left almost dead having attempted to take the brunt of the golden flame.

Nyssa closed herself off whilst attempting to recover from the wounds and hardly speaking to anyone. It was only through the help of her sisters, especially Io (then still a child, yet to exalt) that convinced her to get back on her feet and she through herself into her duties to an unprecidented degree. The initial months were especially hard, as her right arm (the one with which she both wrote and wielded a blade) was rendered totally useless. Likewise, her hearing would never be the same again, somthing which frustrates her no end when she fails to hear what people say to her. Within her house and beyond she has since gathered a reputation as being one of the most dedicated exalts around, willing to sell her life in a heartbeat should the situation demand it.


Nyssa and her sisters in addition to possessing the blood of the dragons are decended from people of the air and carry with them the prominent large white wings of their people. All five also share the blue eyes and white hair common to people of the air and air dragons alike, Nyssa's cut to shoulder length with two locks draping down, framing either side of her face. Unlike her sisters however, Nyssa bares two other distinguishing markss. Firstly, the solar's attack that has refused to ever heal completely in the form of a long scar across her right eye and the sling in which she holds her useless right arm. The other takes the form of a series of dark blue tatoos that cover her body as a mark of her station as her Gen's foremost bodyguard. Unknown to her and all but the most informed of the ages savants, these markings are infact a carry over from the time when the celestial exalted ruled creation and one of the moons chosen became legend through laying down his life for his mate. Subsequently the practice of tattooing themselves became common amoungst a number of practitioners of Falling Blossom Style and although now considerably rarer, Nyssa proves it at least survives into the Shogunate Era.


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