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Musician Without Fingers Technique

Cost: 4m
Duration: One Scene
Type: Supplemental
Min. Ability: Performance 3
Min. Essence: Essence 2
Keywords: Combo-Basic
Pre-requisites: Any performance excellency

Sometimes the exalt needs to play their music whilst having their hands free from the constraints of actually fingering the notes. The exalt imbues their instrument with essence, causing it to float before them and play without the need of their fingers, freeing their hands up for other tasks. The playing of the instrument still requires the concentration normally required of it so performing another action at the same time requires the exalt's dice pool to be split, and any additional effort required, such as blowing into a wind instrument is still required.

Spirit Clenching Aria

Cost: 4m/turn Duration:Varies
Type: Simple
Min. Abilities: Performance 4, Occult 2
Min. Essence: Essence 2
Keywords: Combo-OK
Pre-requisites: Heart Compelling Method, Spirit Cutting Attack

Those lawgivers who have learnt to manipulate essence flows with their song and dance, and are accustomed to using charms to fight spirits find it useful to combine the two to greater effect. The exalt laces their music/dance etc. with essence and directs it at a spirit (manifested or un-manifested). The exalt makes a clinch attack using dexterity + performance, resisted using the targets dodge MDV. If successful, this charm affects the spirit as if it’s in a hold, preventing it from moving. The hold must be renewed each turn, though the clinch cannot be reversed as like a physical one, nor can the exalt choose to perform any other of the clinch actions other than hold them or to release the spirit.

Zealot Heart Sonata

Cost: 5m 1wp Duration:One Scene
Type: Simple
Min. Ability: Performance 5
Min. Essence: Essence 5
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Pre-requisites: Heart Compelling Method

The joys and passions of a solar are so great that they can overwhelm even the hardest of hearts. To those who share the Solar's feelings, to hear them fully extoll the glories of their mutual passions is an indescribable sensation, making them step surer and fight harder. The performer surrounds themselves with the pure inner light of their emotions, compelling all those that hear and who's hearts are touched. The solar chooses one of their intimacies and plays in support of it, all those in earshot who share the intimacy with them gain an extra success to rolls for the rest of the scene and double their work speed. They also count as having a conviction of 5 for the next month with respect to all their positive intimacies.

Under The Sun's Thrall Technique

Cost: 6m 1wp
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Min. Ability: Performance 5
Min. Essence: Essence 4
Keywords: Holy, Obvious, Compulsion
Pre-requisites: Infatuation-Gathering Idol Methodology

Such is the Sun's glory that not even the moon or stars may stand beside it in the sky for they would be obscured. Likewise those who choose attempt to outperform on of his champions are doomed to be outshone, lost against the exalt's radience. When one of the sun's chosen uses this charm, the eyes and ears of all present can't help but be drawn towards them like moths to a flame. Any other character who tries to perform at the same time (and isn't complimenting the performance of the solar) or give a performance opposed to that of the solar suffers an external penalty equal to the solars essence as they attempt to overcome the might of the sun. Against the servants of the yozis and neverborn however, the effect is even more pronounced as the very weight of the words and actions of their followers are striped away by the light. Against such beings the effect is doubled with them taking a penalty equal to twice the solars essence.


Seems like Under The Sun's Thrall Technique is a very high tier charm, with a high activation cost, for very little comparable benefit. Functionally, since the charm notes that a same-time performer or one opposed to them receives a penalty. In many ways, the Solar may as well just use the second excellency to gain autosuccesses (7 motes would buy you 3.5 of them), and you'd still be doing about as well as an Essence 4 Solar who bought this charm. Admittedly, it's a scene-long, but for actions like "performing" that often makes little difference - the performance lasts one scene, for example, and requires one roll. My recommendation would be to expand the function of the charm immensely - perhaps making their performance add to your own whether they like it or not, as you integrate it and weave around it. This would have the added benefit of being more Solar-flavored (being superior) rather than the current Abyssal-ish effect (applying penalties to those who oppose you). Feel free to ignore, of course - just thinking that the current version seems almost min-maxed to dodge the die-adder cap any way you can. -- GreenLantern