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Like there dragonblooded relatives in creation, Terrestial Alchemical have no perfect defences. However, there charm-combo slection should be exteremly flexible and they have an advantage when in 'their element' so to speak.

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General Comments

I'm hesistant to suggest it, but how about allowing combo to go cross skill? So you can have a 'presence/archery' combo? It would make them extremly flexible, a couterpount to there Celestial 'cousins'. - Edward_fortune

I thought attribute-based charms already had that nice advantage. - GregLink

They do. Maybe, since these Exalts are based on Alchemicals, they should simply use the already-flexible "Array" system instead of Combos. - IanPrice

Perhapes they should freely use Suplimentals instead of reflexives. It also would be more in them, Suplimental use something already done (tool charms), rather then desplay something inhearent (reflexive inter nature charms). - Dasmen

Dragon Blood ones do certainly, but as this is a different species, I thought it's more 'something to discuss'. Ther array is nice, but can it be justified given the Terrestial Alchemicals are more natural? Another advantage could be a mote redecution for having key attributes at higher than required levels, or an additional 'added on' effect the following turn for an intially higher cost - Edward_fortune

You could also just take a page form the Alchemicals, and have their charms able to do different things, perhapes even more then the Alchemical (at the cost of free reflexives, and some effecantcy, of course). For example:

Pattern RenforcementAlchemicals/B>Alchemicals/I>
 <B>Cost:Alchemicals/B>  5 motes/2 motes per die/ 5 motes + 1 Willpower
 <B>Duration:Alchemicals/B>  Instant
 <B>Type:Alchemicals/B>  Reflexive/Supplemental/Simple
 <B>Minimum Stanima:Alchemicals/B>  3
 <B>Minimum Essence:Alchemicals/B>  2
 <B>Prerequisite Charms:Alchemicals/B>  Something or Other

Calling upon the metallic essence in their blood, the Exalt manifests glowing lines of iron upon her weapon. For three motes, the iron lines pull themselves free from their mooring, acting of their own initiative. The Exalt may reflexively parry or attack . For two motes per die, the iron veins may bind the Melee weapon to mechanical percesion, this may not increase a die pool by more then the less of the Exalts Essence for Dexterity. For Five motes and a Willpower, the Exalt may know that they truly did their best as their essence calculates their perfected attack, no dice are rolled, treat the attack as if they rolled half their dice pool (rounded up), in successes. -Dasmen