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Level 4 Air Hearthstones

Cloudwalker Stone

by ikselam
Manse: ••••
Trigger: None.

This lenticular white stone deforms easily when squeezed or prodded, lazily springing back to its previous form when the pressure is released. When attuned, it allows its bearer to treat clouds and other masses of water vapor as though they were solid. The character can literally climb up fog banks and walk across clouds. To her, the clouds will have a consistency similar to that of the Cloudwalker Stone; solid enough to support her weight, but soft enough for her to sink into if she stands still.

This power is not indiscriminate; it will never operate in such a way as to impede the character's movement or otherwise inconvenience her. She won't suffocate if she burrows into a cloud, won't have to fight to push her way through fog, and if for some reason she wants to fall through a cloud instead walking on it, she may do so without effort.


by ikselam
Manse: •••• 
Trigger: Concentration (Simple).

This hexagonal white stone is freezing cold to the touch and rimed with frost. When attuned, it allows the bearer to suck the heat out of objects with a touch. To activate the power, the character must be touching the thing he wishes to affect; he then concentrates, consuming his dice action for the turn. Inanimate objects frozen by this power become quite brittle; for every turn the character maintains his freezing grasp, the object's soak is reduced by 2B/1L, down to a minimum of half its normal values (round down). At the Storyteller's discretion, certain materials may be more or less vulnerable to extreme cold than others; green wood may literally explode, while a wall of ice will obviously be completely unaffected.

The Coldstone's power can also be used to freeze liquids at a very rapid pace. When used on a body of water, each turn of concentration will produce an area of ice, thick enough to walk on, with a radius of approximately one yard. In running water, the ice floes will generally float off fairly rapidly; in still water, it is eminently possible to freeze a "bridge" all the way across. This tactic is somewhat problematic for the stone's user, however, since he must actually be touching the water he intends to freeze -- his friends may be able to walk over the frozen pond, but he himself is likely to find that his hand is stuck to the ice.

Finally, the Coldstone can affect living beings. Since using its power consumes the character's entire dice action, it cannot legally supplement normal attacks; however, its use is explicitly permitted in a clinch or hold. Every turn the power is active, the target must roll to resist environmental damage. Treat this as though she were exposed to a supernatural ice storm (Exalted, p. 244) with an interval of one turn instead of one minute.

Gem of Ghostly Vapor

by ikselam
Manse: ••••
Trigger: Concentration (Simple).

This egg-shaped hearthstone is marked with swirls of blue and white, which appear to move about if watched long enough. It enables its bearer to transmute her body into intangible mist at will. This requires concentration, and counts as the character's dice action for the turn. In gaseous form, the character can only be hurt by Charms or Sorcery, and only takes half damage (round down) from anything that does harm her.

While in her intangible state, the character can speak in a whisper, and use any abilities or powers which do not require a body, but cannot interact with the world around her in any other way. She can waft along at her normal movement rate and pour up walls or through tiny openings, but cannot actually fly. Her fog form is unnaturally difficult to disperse, but she may need to make Strength + Athletics rolls to avoid being blown about by strong winds.

When a character assumes gaseous form, only her body and the artifact in which the Gem of Ghostly Vapor is set become mist. Anything else she is carrying, including clothing, is unaffected and will immediately fall to the ground. The Gem of Ghostly Vapor's power can only be used once a day, and can last until sunrise or sunset, whichever comes first.

Gem of the Virtuoso's Voice

by ikselam
Manse: ••••
Trigger: Singing.

The surface of this lenticular blue stone ripples visibly in response to nearby sounds. When attuned, it vastly expands the range of its bearer's singing voice, and allows him incredibly precise control over its pitch and modulation. Mechanically, he adds three dice to any Performance rolls involving singing.

The real power of this stone, however, is much more impressive. With a successful Perception + Performance roll, made at difficulty 3, the character can pitch his voice such that it resonates with objects of a specific material. Subsequently, he may make a Stamina + Performance roll to sing the precise note that will cause that material to shatter. Every success on the roll inflicts one level of lethal damage, soaked as normal, on all objects of that material within 10 times his Stamina in yards.

If used to damage living creatures (most commonly by singing the note that will make their bones shatter), the power inflicts one die of bashing damage per success on the Stamina + Performance roll. This damage cannot be blocked or dodged, and bypasses armor soak. Anyone taking damage from the sound must make a Stamina + Resistance roll at a difficulty of the number of health levels lost. Failure means that they are deafened until the damage heals; a botch means that they are struck permanently deaf. Creatures who cannot hear, or have plugged up their ears, need not make this roll.

This power cannot be precisely targeted; every legal target within range is affected, including the singer and anything he may be carrying.

Gem of Wind Dragon's Breath

by ikselam
Manse: ••••
Trigger: Huffing and puffing.

This flattened, gray-blue hearthstone resembles a large dragon scale. When attuned, it allows its bearer to exhale hurricane-force winds. The character inhales deeply, then begins to blow. The wind affects everything within a 45-degree arc in front of the character, up to a distance of 30 yards. All characters within this area must make a reflexive Strength + Athletics check at a difficulty of the character's Stamina, or be blown five yards back and fall prone. As with knockback (Exalted, p.235), this will never cause a character to take a deadly fall.

The winds can also demolish flimsy structures, and carry off moderately light objects. All objects within the area of effect are affected as though by a feat of strength with a level equal to the character's Stamina. Unanchored objects will probably be picked up by the wind and blown around, while stationary objects may be damaged or destroyed. The Storyteller has the final say on which objects are affected, and in what way.

Gemstone of Perfect Clarity

by ikselam
Manse: ••••
Trigger: Concentration (reflexive).

This clear stone is faceted in such a way as to draw the eye to its center, in which a single point of white light shines steadily. When attuned, it allows its bearer to achieve perfect unity of intent and action. Mechanically, he automatically acts first in any situation where initiative would be rolled, and cannot be surprised. This effect can be activated with but a thought, and lasts for an entire scene, but immediately ends if the character decides to hold his full action, or otherwise shows hesitation.

The Gemstone of Perfect Clarity can be activated only once per day. If it comes into conflict with another power which provides perfect initiative, the character with the higher regular initiative acts first.

Lightning Rod Gemstone

Book of Three Circles, p. 116

Mockingbird's Egg

By Dissolvegirl

Savant's Icy Eye

Aspect Book: Air, p. 75

Stone of Airwalking

Caste Book: Dawn p.77

Stone of Easy Breath

Book of Three Circles, p. 117, or Savant & Sorcerer, p. 68

Storm-Walking Gem

Manse: ••••
Triger: Leaping

Roughly foot-shaped, this cloudy gray gem alows its owner to walk upon stormclouds as if they were the firmest of ground. The initial leap up to the top of a stormcloud is powered by this stone and takes three turns, during which no other action may be taken, even if it is reflexive. Once on the clouds, the character may act normally in all respects and ignores all enviromental penalties except to vision. Coming down off the cloud has the same effects as rising to them. The Storyteller determines what kind of clouds this stone applies to and what altitude they are at.

Twice-Striking Lightning Prism

Aspect Book: Air, p. 75

Whirlwind-of-Shards Stone

by Quendalon

Manse: ••••
Trigger: Concentration (Simple)

Hundreds of irregular facets cover this spiky gray jewel. By concentrating, the bearer may cause loose objects in the vicinity to rise up and spin around her in a whirlwind of flying debris. The bearer rolls Essence + Conviction when she activates the stone to determine the intensity of the cloud of debris. Each round, the whirlwind inflicts bashing damage equal to the number of successes on anyone who comes within or remains within three yards of the bearer; this may be soaked normally with armor and Stamina. A cloud containing hard or sharp objects, like large stones or knives, inflicts lethal damage instead. If used in a closed environment with few or no loose objects, the stone’s power is reduced or annulled, at the Storyteller’s discretion.

The bearer need only concentrate to activate the power; once active, the cloud of debris continues to whirl until the bearer chooses to end it. However, she may only move at half of her normal movement rate. If she moves any faster, the cloud collapses.

Willstone of the Strategos

Exalted: The Outcaste, p. 50