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Ashande's Lair

Beguiling Patter of Crimson Rain

Cost: 8 motes, 1 willpower, 1 lethal health level
Duration: One Turn
Type: Reflexive
Min. Resistance: 5
Min. Essence: 3
Prereqs: Flowing Wound Defense

A refinement of Flowing Wound Defense, this Charm functions identically in many ways, but lends several additional advantages. When the Abyssal activates this Charm and turns into a splatter of blood, he may move a number of yards in any direction equal to his attacker's Strength score, including behind the opponent if he so wishes. The Abyssal remains in this gore-form until the end of the turn, or until he desires to release it, which would allow, for example, the Abyssal to delay his action, be hit, activate this Charm, and make a surprise attack from behind at the enemy.

Attacks made after moving via this Charm impose a +2 difficulty modifier to the opponent's defensive rolls until his next turn (note, not his next action).

If the Abyssal chooses to remain in the gore-form, all attacks directed at him for the remainder of the turn are ignored. This is a form of Perfect Defense.

Death-Delaying Prana

Cost: 4 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: Varies
Type: Reflexive
Min. Resistance: 3
Min. Essence: 2
Prereqs: Spirit-Hardened Frame
Original Suggestion by: Crowned Sun

An Abyssal who has been dealt a deadly blow makes the Deathlords mourn, and the Malfeans seethe in frustration, particularly if that blow was landed before the Deathknight finished his goal. But the Abyssals were created to be immortal, and with proper training and cultivation of thier nearly-undead physique, such a blow need not end things so quickly.

The Abyssal may use this Charm only in responce to an attack that actually does damage to the Exalt. By shunting some of the Essence that holds them in their eternal stasis to the wounded area, the Exalt slows the actual physical trauma of the attack. Though the Abyssal cannot utterly stop the attack from harming him, he may minimize the spreading of the wound, blood loss, and other factors that lead to health level damage.

Upon spending the motes for the Charm, only 1 health level (of the apporpriate type) is taken. However, for each health level the Abyssal should have taken, the Charm continues for one turn. Each turn, on the Abyssal's initiative, the damage creeps a little further, and the Exalt suffers another Health Level of damage, as appropriate to the original attack. This continues until all levels of damage have been applied.

Example: The Princess Who Never Died is struck by Salashi; Salashi rolls exceptionally well, and deals 8 HLs of bashing damage to the Deathknight. Princess activates this Charm, and takes only a single bashing level. However, for the next seven turns, Princess will take another bashing level, until she dies or the damage pool is used up.

Death-Delaying may be used on more than one attack, but the Deathknight cannot keep more seperate attacks "at bay" in this fashion than his Permanent Essence rating, and he takes 1 health level of damage from each attack so delayed.


Cool Charm. - willows

I like this charm, but I'd add a small change, if it were mine. Make it work like the revised Botomless Depths Defense, and reduce any subsequent attackz in the round to only 1L. That's also a celestial level charm, and IMO, should be the basis for turn long perfect soaks.
This one already inflicts a health level of damage on you as part and parcel of the package, and has a higher mote cost; for the moment, I'm happy with it. If I see more comments along similar lines, I might change it a little. - Ashande
Another thing is that BDD is a martial arts charm, and those are usually not as good as the non-MA counterparts. - haren
I concur. But BBD is AGG. I think that counts as it's burden of inneficiency. Scrollreader
BDD doesn't cost the Aggravated HL anymore, according to the revision; just 6 motes and a Willpower. - Ashande
I hate Power Combat. Alot. *headdesks* Sorry. Scrollreader

Death-Delaying Prana looks pretty cool. It has more bookkeeping than I like (since I like bookkeeping not at all), but that's inherent in the concept, and isn't much in any event. It works marvelously in tandem with Wood Dragon Form, too! - Quendalon

That's what Crowned Sun and I were thinking, too. :) - Ashande