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Den of the Woodlice

In the swamps of the font of mourning, there was once a place where the trees grew thicker than expected, where the undergrowth was always fresh and green, if not friendly looking. Now, the trees grow thick but their cores rot, ribboned through and bursting with fungus; the undergrowth is withered and slimy. In the center of this small area is an unusually thick tree; at the base of it is a small cave. Through that cave is the den of the woodlice, a level one manse. The Den of the Woodlice is a single large room that is almost completely dark; the walls and floor seem to be made of large round stones, unmortared and smooth. If a light is shone in the room, the walls and floor writhe as the stones, in fact large, fist-sized woodlice, attempt to scatter from the light and hide under each other. The revealed floors and walls are of plain clay.
The magic of the manse is of and through the crustaceans that adorn it; this means that while the manse can literally regrow damage that is inflicted to it in very little time, sustained light can seriously disrupt its geomancy.
Unattuned characters must make a valor roll to stay in the manse once they have seen it in light. The hearthstone grows in the chest of one of the woodlice; that one can be seen to be faintly glowing in the dark.

Those accustomed to the manses of creation may be shocked at the apparent dysfunction and disgusting nature of this one; this is as it is an infernally tainted manse, produced byTheHoverpope/Anesca in order to slowly poison Gaea.

The Wood-Louse Emerald

Rating: o, Aspect: Wood
This hearthstone, a lump of transluscent green that resembles a pillbug rolled tight, grants its bearer some of that creature's abilities. The bearer may consume any food, no matter how rotten or low quality, and gain full sustenance without any risk of disease. In any turn where the character takes no physical action with the sole exception of guarding, his soak increases by 2B/2L.