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This was supposed to be DB1ECharmSummary, but it's clear your old infirm Uncle screwed it up.

I had compiled this list to help me understand broadly what a Dragon-Blooded was capable of in 1irst Edition Exalted. This list is mostly useful from a Storyteller perspective, to get an idea of how a Terrestrial can utilize its charms.

Also, thanks to Molikai for his help. --UncleChu


Linguistics--Learn a language quick, understand any language, hijack a conversation, enhance power of speech, communicate long distances, eavesdrop, enable a group to read each other’s surface thoughts to increase synergy. AB:A- create complex ciphers, create pictograms understandable by anyone, communicate perfectly through soundless gestures, convert specialty dots into auto-successes

Lore—reduce training time, trade willpower for essence in an element, heal when submerged in elemental essence, shoot elemental bolts, create elemental aura blasts, create elemental storm. AB:A- gain auto-successes for "book work" at the risk of losing Compassion, condense a mind's worth of academic knowledge into a blast of insight, recall perfect memories, convert Lore specialties into auto-successes, lend dice to those under tutelage

Occult—spy on spirits, control wind direction, force spirits to materialize, immobilize spirits, shred spirits, Terrestrial Sorcery, AB:A- sense nearby jade, detect other Magical Materials nearby, analyze artifacts via essence flows, convert specialties to auto-succ,

Stealth—reduce blindness penalties, make all actions silent, create a zone of silence, distract others, cover their tracks, cross any horizontal surface, become almost invisible. AB:A- become unremarkable instead of hidden, hide not oneself but what one is doing with their hands, convert specialty dice to auto-succs, make reflexive stealth rolls to suddenly disappear

Thrown—increase accuracy, cause thrown objects to return, cause weapons to chase target with their own life, hide weapons Elsewhere for sneak attacks, defend against ranged attacks, redirect a ranged attack back to attacker, attack with air itself, create air armor. AB:A- throw in an arc instead of straight line to bypass obstacles, throw a feint to get opponent to dodge into the path of a second attack, auto-knockback with attack, make thrown attacks piercing (halving armor's lethal soak)


Awareness—boost awareness, prevent being surprised, get a clairvoyant picture of an area, put people to sleep, sense what others sense, destroy others’ senses, increase essence costs for others, AB:E- Get an Awareness reroll, gain 360 degree vibration-based vision, gain a reflexive or simple perception of the state of the earth for miles around.

Craft—ignore tool use, carve stone easily, climb without effort, find weakest point in an object, perfectly disassemble objects, reduce objects to raw materials. AB:E- turn Craft specialty dice into auto-successes, crudely reshape soil into crude structures, destroy hearthstones with your fist.

Endurance—Ox-Body, forego sleep, forego sustenance, forego air, forego pain for a bit, forego fatigue, unstoppably pursue a goal. AB:E- willpower-recovering trance, sleep-replacing essence-recovery trance, disease/poison purging.

Martial Arts (5DragonStyle)—instantly boost soak, boost parries, cause lethal unarmed damage, power blow, lethal attack and soak boost and physical enhance combat form, aggravated damage strike, momentary invulnerability, extra attack. AB:E- (Jade Mountain Style)-Knockback resistance, unlimited soak increase so long as you stay still, lethal clinches, clinches that cannot be escaped, massive armoured enhanced combat form, transfer damage to the ground, double clinch damage.

Resistance—STR and STA boost, soak boost, super strength, elemental soak, defend against Wyld, extra protection against Anathema. AB:E- Improve the benefit of armour you are wearing, ignore non-magical sources of elemental damage, become immune to any non-magical force or object native to creation.


Athletics—reflexively get up, tumble like mad to get more damaging strikes, double movement speed, run up vertical surfaces, limited hoverflight, ignore environmental damage while moving, boost Athletics rolls, increase travel speeds of others. AB:F- negate action penalties for standing on dangerous surface

Dodge—remove dodge penalties for not having enough room to maneuver, hopping defense, dodge for another target, boost Dodge roll, boost allies’ dodges, redirect attacks to other targets, destroy arrows and increase soak, make reflexive attacks against those that miss him. AB:F-transform parts of body into pure flame so weapons pass through, allowing a full DEX+Dodge on all attacks during the turn.

Melee—impart elemental properties to weapons, strike immaterial spirits, conjure weapons from elements, boost Melee rolls, complete blocks against mundane attacks, boost allies’ Melee, increase number of possible attackers against a target, gain extra attacks against target. AB:F-superheat weapon to create tons of sight-obscuring steam, direct weapon-strike sparks into opponent's eyes, brand someone with an easily-trackable magic wound, perfectly adapt to opponent's style and add Essence to melee and dodge for a few turns (pre-PowCom, it seems)

Presence—boost Presence rolls with phantom warriors, give bonus Health Levels to soldiers, make it difficult to be attacked, gain bonus soak and Health, sway people to serve them, reduce an opponent’s active defenses, draw attackers into close combat. AB:F- create perfect first impresion, switch a target's passsion between lust terror and rage, ignite things with a mighty shout,

Socialize—boost Socialize rolls, reduce Socialize difficulties for everyone at a party, gain bonus initiative for unexpected attacks, redo a Socialize roll, sour a relationship between two people, super-boost seduction rolls, ignore social penalties for being in foreign lands, AB:F- feign total boredom to resist mind-manipulation and boost difficulty for rolls against him, determine individuals' loyalties


Brawl—lethal drowning clinch, clinch multiple foes, wear away at opponent’s armor soak, extra attacks, parry lethal attacks unarmed, lethal unarmed damage, reduce an opponent’s soak while in a clinch to open for attack to others, AB:W- put someone in a hold then let go while opponent remains frozen, similarly stick someone in a 'remote' clinch, put sustained holds on Essence number of opponents, boost dice to escape clinches, reflexively escape clinch attacks, reduce difficulty to disarm

Bureaucracy—can increase underling’s efficiency or give them ability where they had none, use Bureaucracy instead of other skills to tap into understanding of a system, commit a group to increasing profits, endow an underling to use bureaucracy just as skillfully, slow a body to a standstill, intuit a perfect gift, understand a vote percentage of a group at any moment. AB:W- gain understanding of a target's price/selling range is, boost bureaucracy rolls to buy or sell, cause target to overlook fine print in a deal, speed up the resolution of a bureaucratic decision. E:PG- Transfer essence to a Mortal, for use in thaumaturgy

Investigation—boost Investigation rolls, sense who feels the most guilt in an area, sense deliberate falsehoods, use clues to sense direction of culprit, discern identities of a target’s closest associates, discern a target’s home, AB:W- instantly recognize tampering, find things deliberately concealed, determine if sought-after information is in a written source, search through horribly disordered libraries or records as though they were perfectly catalogued (reducing diff penalties), Outcaste- summon any material thing within the Atsiluth Eternal, summon a freaky 'vision soul' from which one can glean info of the future

Larceny—sense if character is being watched, stops himself from leaving traceable clues, eliminate penalties to eavesdropping, see through materials, immediately reroll last Larceny attempt, make a larceny attempt moving at full speed, teleport a resting object into own hands, AB:W- unlock stuff without any tools, prepare a disguise without any materials (reducing diff penalties), imitate any voice or sound for a scene, create perfect forgeries, determine if someone is cheating, influence the outcome of gambling actions, automatically win games

Sail—make weather or other sail-related predictions, double ship-speed for a scene, bonus to navigating hazards, grant a hull bonus soak and health, disguise ship as another, AB:W- protect airboats from environmental damage, remove penalties for navigating across a ship on self or others, defy gravity and stand anywhere on a ship like they're wearing StarCom magnet boots, Outcaste- summon a powerful wind, cause a ship to have an awe-inspiring aura for a moment, summon all the local spirits and sentient critters in the ocean to meet the Exalt, summon lampreys and other clinging sealife to enemy ships and slow them down, disguise a ship based on the flag it flies,


Archery—reroll archery attempt, shoot flurry of full-pool attacks, cause nearby plants to sprout extra arrows, cause aggravated damage to undead, use archery to knock other ranged attacks out of air, create area shield against ranged attacks with barrage of arrows, deflect any kind of attack against any target, AB:W- arrows can pass through wooden obstacles, cause arrows to take root and cause continuous damage,

Medicine—banish infections, cause strikes to become infectious, banish disease, convert lethal damage to bashing, convert aggravated to lethal, analyze mental influences or insanity, remove external mental influence or insanity, AB:F- infuse an unconscious person with berserker running for a few turns, AB:W- defend own mind against supernatural mind-swaying, swap health for essence, switch elemental aspect for the purposes of mechanics

Performance—boost performance rolls, auto reroll, make combat seem like it is stage fighting, instill minor suggestions in a crowd, grant mind-defense and bonus soak to an audience, AB:W- hide secret messages for specific targets within a performance, disguise an ambush within a performance, Outcaste- boost troops marching capabilities through march song, flawlessly train troops with Protocols, design Protocols which grant ability and specialty boosts to troops

Ride—increase mount speed and boost ride rolls, allow super-jumps for mounts, allows mount to run over any surface, add Ride to damage from mounted attacks, create a super group charge, protect mount from fear, tame wild and exotic mounts, AB:W- protect mount from anima damage,

Survival—boost Survival rolls, auto reroll, make tracking supa-easy, immunity to mundane tracking, double food gathering, protect group from environmental damage, create a shelter, AB:W- boost medicine rolls when using natural plants and herbs


Are you going to do this for other splats? It'd be really handy ^_^ Thanks either way though, tis useful
-- Darloth

I'll more likely to do it with the DB MAs and the Aspect Book charms first. I'm running a Solar game centered around Lookshy, so DBs are most important to me right now. Might-could do it with Sids, but Abyssals shouldn't be figuring into things for a good long time, and I use GoldenCat's Lunar rules. --UncleChu

Also, where did I miss the "reflexively use full dodge pool" in DB-Dodge?
-- Darloth

This is useful. Thanks UncleChu. Darloth, the fullpool dodge is a common misinterpretation of Threshold Warding Stance, which actually just lets you use a dodge action you already have in an impossible situation with no hinderence, such as "while balancing on an inch wide slippery wet ledge". - Kraken

Yeah, these are super-basic summaries, best to check your book for details. I'll take a look and see if I can paraphrase it better--UncleChu
It's still a little confusing. Perhaps "remove dodge penalties" works better? - Kraken
Good call, Kraken. Changed. --UncleChu

Alright, all the Aspect Books are added, as well as charms from the Outcaste. Are there any other books that have DB charms that I can't immediately recall? --UncleChu

The player's guide - Wise commander's Gift. Added. And You're welcome: I had an idle afternoon... :) - Molikai