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Would it be worth having some sort of Online Now indicator or a chat client so we can speak to other people online? Personally I use msn a lot, and would be happy to talk to people (email is matthew_siddall@hotmail.com), but if we grabbed a java chat client or something like that I'd use it...

- CorlanDashiva

I might consider such a thing for BurningWiki, but the thing is I really don't want to have this server making outbound connections to check on such a thing. It's borderline beyond my use terms. If someone has a java system that might work for that, then let me know. I'll look at it. \\ -- DaveFayram

A bit of a shameless plug... Nonetheless, I definately welcome anyone who wants to chat about Exalted and has an IRC client to come on into #WoD. We've been running a bit slowly lately, due to a number of regulars having troubles getting online, but we talk about Exalted all the time. We're located on gryphon.magicstar.net , so all you'd have to do is log onto that server and type /join #WoD

I know, it's called #WoD:P I started it up as a WoD channel, but once we all got into Exalted it's topic has largely swinged (though we talk about pretty much ANYTHING RP related in there, at times) around...but getting a new channel would be weird:P\\ -- CrownedSun