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Lunar Interation and Knowledge Charms

by haren

I know these are not in the cannon, but looking at one of my previous Charms, I realized it was a measure of appearance. I think I'll change the offshoot Charm to one of Manipulation.

Helpless Kit Visiage</b>
<b>Cost: 8 motes
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Min. Appearance: 4
Min. Essence: 3
Prereqs: Crowd-Calming Pronouncement, Animal Magnatism

The Lunar puts out pheremones and subtly shapeshifts in such a way as to seem like a helpless young animal to others. Because of the way this Charm works, even if the character is not a member of a particular species, they can still be affected. Make a Apperance + Presence roll. For every success, the Charm has a range of 2 yards. Anyone entering that area that wishes to attack the Lunar, must succeed at a Conviction roll every turn to strike such someone who feels like a child to them. Should they succeed there is no penalty. The Fair Folk, Demons, mindless undead, Hungry Ghosts and many Wyld beasts are immune to this effect, since they are not of nature and do not feel the same sort of protective instincts in many cases.

Fledgeling's Cry</b>
<b>Cost: 4 motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Min. Manipulation: 4
Min. Essence: 3
Prereqs: Helpless Kit Visiage, Lion Roar Method

The Lunar places out a cry for aid that is instinctively understood by all mortals and Exalts. This call moves out to a range of Essence x 100 yards. All who hear it with a Compassion of 3 or higher know that someone is in trouble. That they can help save someone. So they feel the need to come to that person's aid against normal imperative. They will stay to protect them (including incapacitating and killing attackers) until any obvious dangers are gone. They can resist the call as normal for the drive to resist any virtue, and at the same cost. The call can be repeated, forcing people to resist again, if they don't wish to aid the Lunar.


Cool Charms! I'd change Helpless Kit Visage to Manipulation or Charisma and broaden the range of unaffected targets; undead, demons, and possibly spirits and elementals all exist outsude of the reproductive cycle and might not be affected any more than the Fair Folk. I might also switch it around with Fledgeling's Cry, as the latter seems a simpler and less potent Charm. - Quendalon

They are added, and I point out that while Helpless Kit Visage is a powerful defense, Fledgeling's Cry is both defense and offense. People either have to help, or resist (and Solars and Lunars suffer the penalties of doing so.) It's also much farther ranged. I liked Appearance because it fits in a way. Appearance is the fastest of the social traits and affects everyone within range. You don't have to focus on a person or group with Appearance. It just works. - haren

I think that, in its currect incarnation, Fledgeling's Cry is too weak for it to be thought of as that - it should impose an imperative on the hearers, rather than just providing data. I'd set it up as something like, "Those who hear the Cry recieve a penalty to actions to harm the Exalt equal to their own Compassion, and recieve the same amount as a bonus to bring it aid. Furthermore, they must fail a Compassion check to perform any action other than to bring aid to the Exalt immediately in the turn they hear the cry." - FourWillowsWeeping

I figured that it was sort of written in. But I added in some text on it. It's not a strong defense, but meant to bring defenders to your aid, rather than being a continuing defense. It's a cheap easy cannon fodder Charm that either protects the Lunar, or gives them time to run. - haren

Dude, it's a 4/3 charm, not some 2/1 thing you pick up at character creation - in its current state, you spend motes to do, essentially, nothing! You cry. Who would want that Charm? I would suggest that you at least examine existing mind-control effects and beef the thing up. Alternatively, you could go the spirit route and have it automatically summon at least one low-Essence spirit to your aid briefly. - FourWillowsWeeping

I don't think it's that weak Charm. In effect, you can call an army of some sort to your side. Everyone with that level of Compassion come to you with the desire to protect you. I did modify the wording to give my concept better, but it's an instant charm... reflexive, it's not weak, it's just a gamble on if the people near you care about others. - haren