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Entrance to Yu-Shan is usually through one of its many gates. This page consists of a list of those gates. Feel free to add descriptions, local color, and possible events that might involve one or more of the gates. Canonical sources should be in plain text, with fan-based entries in italics. Page references use Wordman/ReferenceStandard.

Gates were first detailed in Books/GamesOfDivinity (game.21) and Books/ExaltedTheSidereals (side.17). Such detail is missing from Books/SiderealsSecond, though they are mentioned briefly (exsd.52), and will presumably be included in the upcoming Yu-Shan book. Locations for the gates are assumed to be shown on the map in the 1E sidreals book (side.0), unless text elsewhere dictates otherwise (see "Missing Gates", below).

The spell Open the Spirit Door (whit.54) can be used to open these gates, all of which are guarded by nine "great celestial lions of living orichalcum" (whit.54, game.33). The dematerialize power of starmetal celestial battle armor (wola.90) also allows entry. The spirit charm Hurry Home can carry a spirit to the nearest gate (ex2e.295, rol1.142). God-blooded with the License of Celestial Entry merit are allowed past the celestial lions (play.65). Those with the Celestial Travel Permit merit are allowed through a particular gate, to a particular destination in heaven (play.120). All sidereals can sense the presence of gates (exsd.118). The Cult of the Illuminated uses the gates to bring favored solars to heaven (cult.45). The demon Jacint can carve a road to the gates with a word (game.93). Hran-tzy, god of decay, spent "centuries" creating an enchantment that allowed him to bring a behemoth into Yu-Shan through a gate (side.34).

The original guardian of the gates was the White Ram, the defining soul of the Lidless Eyes That Sees, but it was killed in the open salvoes of the Primordial War (exlu.22). There is an implication that Ryzala, the Shogun of the Department of Celestial Concerns, now has the ability to close the gates if necessary (auto.220). The Bureau of Humanity and the Division of Endings (within the Bureau of Destiny) "go on high alert" if a weapon of mephitic desolation is played within ten miles of a gate (bone.108).

All gates are on dry land, but some may be on tiny islands or in the middle of trackless wastes. Three are currently located in the Wyld, and two are now in shadowlands. (side.17)


Inner Gates

The twelve gates that from the Blessed Isle all lead to a single, mile-wide pavilion in Yu-Shan (exsd.227).

Calibration Gate

Appears in Creation once a year to allow mortals into the Carnival of Meeting (ex2e.293, game.19), but can be summoned the rest of the year by the spell Summon the Heavenly Portal (whit.82, side.123). The Provable Location of the Gate, a resplendent power of the sign of the Key, can also summon this gate (exsd.202). The lunar charm Divining the Hidden Truth (luna.184) can divine the location of the gate (side.22).

This gate never appears in the Wyld and must appear on a solid surface (side.22). This gate leads to the same pavilion as the Blessed Isle gates (side.18).

Gate One

Called the Glorious Arch and located on the Imperial Mountain, within the Ancient Academy (isle.99). The gate lies in the better explored sections of the academy's catacombs (side.20).

Gate Two

Located on the northern coast of the Blessed Isle, west of Bright Obelisk (side.0).

Gate Three

Located on the northern coast of the Blessed Isle, northeast of Eagle's Launch (side.0).

Gate Four

Located on the western coast of Blessed Isle, on the Silk & Pearl Peninsula (side.0).

Gate Five

Located on the Serpentine River, within the Daoshin Peninsula on the Blessed Isle (side.0).

Gate Six

Located on the Plains of Rusted Iron on the Blessed Isle (side.0).

Gate Seven =

Located in the city of Arjuf (side.0).

Gate Eight

Located in the Mhaltin Mountains on the Blessed Isle (side.0).

Gate Nine

Located in the Dhorash Mountains on the Blessed Isle (side.0).

Gate Ten

Located in the Imperial City. This gate is "intact" (game.21).

Gate Eleven

Located to the North of Pangu on the Blessed Isle (side.0).

Gate Twelve

Located to the White Coast on the Blessed Isle (side.0).

Outer Gates

The remainder of the gates circle the perimeter of the Celestial City (exsd.228). From each of these gates, a canal leads to the center of the city (side.23).

Gate Thirteen

Located in the deep jungle within the Kingdom of Harborhead (side.0).

The manse at the center of the plot of ForgottenSuns is fairly close to this gate.

Gate Fourteen

A three yard high arch made of oricalcum, moonsilver, starmetal and jade at the top of the Pyramid of the Rising Sun in Rathess. When the sun shines on it during the first day of each season, and all through Calibration, the gate will activate for any Exalt or Dragon King of Essence 3 or more, though this does not wave any of the rules for entering heaven. (ruin.39) Celestial officials use this gate on occasion (ruin.90). Guarded by Pai Xanxi, a celestial lion sympathetic to the Gold Faction (cult.45). This gate is "intact" (game.21).

Gate Fifteen

Located on the Maruto River in the far East (side.0).

As mentioned in "Missing Gates" below, a gate is mentioned in Denandsor, but doesn't show up on the sidereal map. This gate is about the only good candidate to move there.

Gate Sixteen

Known as the River's Womb, this black jade and starmetal structure inset with orichalcum seals just out of the cliffs below the River Temple of Anisatsis, near the confluence of the Maruto and Yellow Rivers (exsd.83). Other text says this gate is in Great Forks (exsd.53) but, given the map (side.0) and the more detailed description elsewhere, this is probably a mistake.

Gate Seventeen

The 1E sidereal map clearly shows this gate in Nexus; however other text claims this gate is near Lookshy, supposedly guarded by Perfect Onyx, a celestial lion sympathetic to the Gold Faction (cult.45). Another reference mentions the gateway in Lookshy is "intact", as is the one in Nexus (game.21).

Gate Eighteen

Located in Sijan (side.0).

Gate Nineteen

Located on the plains within hawkrider range of Mout Metagalapa (side.0).

As mentioned in "Missing Gates" below, a gate is mentioned in Chanta, but doesn't show up on the sidereal map. This gate would be a good candidate to move there.

Gate Twenty

Located near the Noss Fens in the far east (side.0).

Gate Twenty-one

This gate is surrounded by a small island of stability within bordermarches of the Wyld, in the ruins of the lost city of Xu-Lak, in the northeast. It is one of the primary points of meeting between sidereals and the raksha. (side.22)

Gate Twenty-two

Located to the west of Vseult's Demesne, in the northeast (side.0).

Gate Twenty-three

Located between River Blossom and Resplendent Peak, in the northeast (side.0).

Gate Twenty-four

Located northeast of the Fortress of Red Ice, in the northeast (side.0).

Gate Twenty-five

Located deep in the snow in the far northeast (side.0).

Gate Twenty-six

Located in Crystal -- or perhaps in the First Age metropolis from which the city scavenges. This gate is "intact" (game.21).

Gate Twenty-seven

Located in the city of Diamond Hearth (side.0).

Gate Twenty-eight

Located near the domain of the Icewalkers, towards the River of Tears (side.0).

As mentioned in "Missing Gates" below, a gate is mentioned in Lookshy, but doesn't show up on the sidereal map. This gate would be a good candidate to move there.

Gate Twenty-nine

Guarded by Shanks, a celestial lion sympathetic to the Gold Faction (cult.45). Located near Icehome. This gate is "intact" (game.21).

Gate Thirty

Located in the domains of the Lions of the Snow (fair.73), south of the border of the Haslanti League (side.0).

Gate Thirty-one

Located in the upper portions of the underways beneath Gethamane (side.20). This gate is "intact" (game.21).

Gate Thirty-two

Located to the east of the shadowland of Marama's Fell, in the north (side.0).

Gate Thirty-three

Located to the west of the Holy Road that connects Whitewall and Wallport (side.0).

Gate Thirty-four

Located to the north of the Dehennen Mountains in the north (side.0).

Gate Thirty-five

Covered by the Great Ice about 1000 miles northwest of Gethamane (side.0).

Gate Thirty-six

Located near the western edge of the Great Ice (side.0).

Gate Thirty-seven

Located with the territory claimed by the Seven Stormwinds (fair.73), in the north (side.0).

Gate Thirty-eight

Located in Azure in the west (side.0).

Gate Thirty-nine

Located on the island of Darkmist in the shadowland of Skullstone Archipelago, in the center of a vast jade plaza in front of Onyx, currently the palace of a deathlord (side.22).

Gate Forty

Located on the island of Amphiro in the Neck (side.0).

Gate Forty-one

Known as the Mother-of-Pearl Gate, this tall moonsilver, black jade, pearl-studded building is located in the Skullstone Archipelago, two days sail from the Monastery of Deep Stars (exsd.82).

This completely disagrees with its location on the sidereal map (side.0), which places it even further south than gate 40.

Gate Forty-two

Located on a large island northeast of the Isle of Shadows (side.0).

Gate Forty-three

Located in Abalone. Wavecrest Archipelago (exsd.53). This gate is "intact" (game.21).

Gate Forty-four

An uncharted jade platform, 20 yards across, in the middle of the open ocean holds this gate (side.22). An unbreakable glass tube leads down from the platform to the City of the Shining Reefs (tdwe.127).

Gate Forty-five

Located near Scale Crest in the far southwest (side.0).

Gate Forty-six

Located on a large island off the Violet Coast in the southwest (side.0).

Gate Forty-seven

Located on an even larger island, closer to the Violet Coast in the southwest (side.0).

Gate Forty-eight

Located on an island next to the shadowland of Nightfall Island, off the southwest coast (side.0).

Gate Forty-nine

Located in the jungle near the Font of Mourning in the southwest (side.0).

Gate Fifty

Located north of An-Teng (side.0).

Gate Fifty-one

Close to the Lap (side.0). Targeted in the Locust War (auto.220).

Gate Fifty-two

Located in the Lap (side.0). Targeted in the Locust War (auto.220).

Gate Fifty-three

Located in Paragon (side.0).

Gate Fifty-four

Located in Chiaroscuro (side.0). This gate is "intact" (game.21).

In Wordman's campaign, this gate is located in a building called the Tears of Heaven.

Gate Fifty-five

Located deep in the desert near the Encampment of the Copper Rose (fair.76), far to the south of Yane (side.0).

Gate Fifty-six

Located within the Varang City-States, past the mountains east from Yane (side.0).

Gate Fifty-seven

Located where the desert meets the Summer Mountains in the southeast (side.0).

Gate Fifty-eight

Located on the plains in the far southeast (side.0).

Gate Fifty-nine

Located near a volcano in the far south (side.0).

As mentioned in "Missing Gates" below, a gate is mentioned in Gem, but doesn't show up on the sidereal map. This gate would be a good candidate to move there.

Gate Sixty

Located very near the Lapis Court (fair.82), in the far south (side.0).

Missing Gates

Occasionally, text mentions gates in locations that do not show gates on the map in the Sidereal's book (side.0). These are:

  • A gate in Chanta (in NE forest) is "intact" (game.21).
  • The Denandsor gate is "intact" (game.21).
  • A gate mentioned "near Coral" (side.23). This probably refers to gate 38 in Azure.
  • An "intact" gate within Gem (game.21).
  • Several mentions are made of a gate in Lookshy (cult.45, game.21), but such is not on the map.
  • Gate 16 is mentioned as being in two different places. The source mentioning it in Great Forks (exsd.53) is probably wrong.
  • Gate 41 has very good text describing it, but this totally disagrees with its placement on the sidereal map.

Other Gates

Rumors exist of other, hidden, gates (ocdx.53). Manses with the Otherworld Gate power (whit.79), for example, might contain such a portal; sanctums cannot be built with such a power (rol1.15). The bordermarches can also spontaneously generate gates to heaven (wyld.19)

The Gates of Auspicious Passage (wola.50) are entirely distinct from the Yu-Shan gates but, if activated, would allow similarly speed travel across Creation.

Ghosts talk of a "final resting place" beyond the far west of the Underworld holding three gates, one of which leads to heaven (abys.18).