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Thanks to

  • Jess Hartley, for adding a dozen locations to In Northern Twilight and being all-around cool.
  • Sutehp for pointing out bunches of errors.
  • Geoffrey C. Grabowski, Rebecca S. Borgstrom, Rich Thomas and the rest of the Exalted team. For being cool.


  • I ought to put together a list of the books that I got all this from, as it's beginning to get REALLY unweildy.
  • Information on any remaining locations not yet added would be greatly appreciated.
  • I know there are a number of geographical names that I've missed.


I like this map, too. Minor note, though - it's usually spelled "independent". ^_^ - edumacational Moxiane

I always seem to have one word I trip up on :-( -Xeriar

Also, while I hate being