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Level One Wood Hearthstones

By a Nose Gem

by EndlessChase

Manse: •
Trigger: Racing

This gem appears to be a nearly flawless piece of Topaz, though upon close inspection it appears to have two flaws. The first looks like the shape of a horseshoe, and the second, on the opposite side of the stone, appears in the shape of a human foot.

When attuned, the bearer becomes far better at racing. The bearer gains four dice to their Athletics roll when in a state of competitive running. If on horseback, the same applies, though to the character's Ride roll instead of Athletics. Regardless of the number of successes rolled, if the player wins the race it is only by a few inches, and certainly not more than two feet. The same holds true for losing a race. The bearer seems to be behind the winner (Or last winner, if there are multiple rankings in the race) at the finish. This can lead to many dramatized situations where the player rushes from a terrible deficit of space to win by a nose, or to lose by the same amount.

The Farmer's Stone

Book of Three Circles, p. 112

Stone of the Emerald Rooster

Caste Book: Zenith, p.79

Stone of Healing

Exalted, p. 339

Stone of Shelter

Book of Three Circles, p. 112

Stone of the Hunt

Book of Three Circles, p. 112

Stone of the Yeddim’s Stomach

by Resplendence

Manse: •
Trigger: Eating plants

The Stone of the Yeddim’s Stomach appears to be a sweet-smelling ball of irregularly and tightly woven hay or grass, but it’s surprisingly heavy and impossible to mar. Grass, leaves, moss and other plants that only the hardiest herbivores could eat become edible with this Hearthstone. Not only does plant matter of all kinds provide nourishment, the bearer becomes immune to all natural plant poisons with a difficulty to resist less than her Stamina rating. She is likewise protected from any unpleasantries, digestive trouble and illnesses that can befall her from eating plants, save for the actual taste.