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A term used to describe the Wiki as a group of some-what connected individual pages and very little interactivity. This is considered a bad thing by many and is something we are seeking to avoid. To avoid this, use a lot of WikiWords and link to other UserPages and other parts of the Wiki as well as linking your Page from those places. This encourages interactivity and allows easy navigation.

What 'we' kemosabe? DS

The "many" who consider it a bad thing.\\ _Ikselam

We need to act now otherwise we're going to eventually paint outselves into a corner and need a BigWikiFire to clear things out. I really don't want to have to do that, but if we don't start working on keeping the wiki managable, we're going to have no choice.

-- DaveFayram

As a passing note, there actually is a huge amount of connectivity between UserPages and other wiki pages -- at least in one direction. Everyone signs their names as wiki links. It's easy to stumble across someone's UserPage, if that person is at all active in any of the more "public" areas of the wiki. It's not as explicit as them leaving LookAtMyGreatIdea or LookAtThisRelatedContent links in the body of the text, but it does keep UserPages accessible, as long as the users post anywhere outside them.\\ _Ikselam

Many users also have a list of PagesIThinkAreCool which provides reverse connectivity of a restricted sort, though most often these lists contain only "stuff I've created" and "people I think are cool". On the other hand, it's true that if you're not aware of this layer of connectivity, it's not really worth a lot to you. - willows