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Consuming Jealousy

By CrownedSun

The character’s own love and tender feelings are drowned out by an all-consuming obsession with a single other person. When the character’s Limit Breaks, he will be utterly consumed with dry and complete hate toward whomever it is that stands in the way of him and the person whom he wishes to possess for himself. These feelings might lead him to murder, or to more subtle means of separating his beloved from the one that stands in her way. In some cases the character might become obsessed with a person who does not exist, convinced that the only reason he would be rejected is if there was someone else keeping his prize from him. No matter the situation, it is important to remember that the actual beloved is only secondary; this obsession and this Limit Break focuses on the object of jealousy, not the object of desire. This unhealthy obsession lasts for a number of days equal to the characters Compassion virtue, but the fallout can last much longer.

Limit Break Condition: The character’s advances are rebuffed, her desires are thwarted, or someone he cares about ignores him in favor of someone else.

Smothering Overprotection

By Ikselam

The character is overcome with concern for the well-being of her friends and loved ones. When her limit breaks, she will do everything she possibly can to make sure that these people remain safe. If the limit break occurs in combat, the character will devote all her efforts to trying to keep her friend unhurt and out of the fight, probably by hurling herself bodily in front of any attacks aimed at that person, and trying to push them to safety. Outside of combat, the limit break lasts for a number of days equal to the character's Compassion, and will involve her treating her friend like a particularly inept and accident-prone child. She will refuse to let the person attempt anything remotely strenuous or "dangerous," and may become very angry if her friend tries to escape her.

Limit Break Condition: Someone the character cares for is injured or suffers because of their own actions, or because the character failed to protect them.

Imprudent Infatuation

By Ikselam

The character has the unfortunate tendency to become romantically obsessed at the drop of a hat. When the character's limit breaks, he will fall head-over-heels in love with someone whom he considers attractive, and has met under stressful circumstances. The results can range from the merely embarassing, such as spending weeks attempting to court a comely shepherdess rescued from a landslide, to the downright suicidal, such as storming a Deathlord's castle in a desperate attempt to confess undying love to a beautiful deathknight. No matter how unsuitable the object, the character's infatuation knows no bounds. He will be incapable of thinking of anything aside from his beloved, probably spending much of his time composing overwrought poetry and the rest stalking the unfortunate person like a love-struck teenager. He may even go so far as to threaten suicide if anyone tries to deny him his love. The character will come to his senses after a number of days equal to his Compassion score, but until then, not even overt scorn or violence from his beloved will dissuade him.

Limit Break Condition: The character witnesses someone attractive in peril or duress (even if the character himself is the cause of that duress).

Unreasoning Suspicion

By Ikselam

The character grows to suspect that others are taking advantage of his love for them. When his limit breaks, he will become extremely suspicious of his friends' and loved ones' motives. Even the most innocent gestures of affection will be twisted and construed as proof that his paranoia is justified. He may go so far as to become violent towards his loved ones, or come under the sway of enemies who offer to help him uncover his friends' treachery. This limit break lasts for days equal to Compassion.

Limit Break Condition: A friend appears to be keeping secrets or going behind the character's back, or is accused of doing so, and cannot offer immediate proof to the contrary.

Dark Angel

By FluffySquirrel

The character gets increasingly infuriated at being denied his chance to help people. When the character limit breaks, he will stop at nothing to help people, whether they wish his help or not, regardless of consequence and allowing nothing to stop him in his path of righteousness, becoming angry and possibly violent if rebuffed further. The character thinks such dedication is perfectly normal and just, and cannot be convinced he is not doing the right thing and truly helping.
The limit break will last until he feels he has 'helped' in a number of situations equal to his compassion. If any of the situations would involve long term help, the character will come to his senses after a number of days equal to his dots in the Compassion Virtue.

Examples: A slave chafing under his labour, denies aid from the character, knowing such would only earn him more punishment. The limiting character grows increasingly angry as his incredibly generous offers are turned down, slapping aside the slave and performing the work at a speed befitting an exalt.
Or the character wishes to free a slave in the middle of the city, and is talked out of it by his circle. He limits and cannot be turned aside from slaughtering the guild guards in plain sight and freeing the slave.

Limit Break Condition: The character is either disallowed the opportunity to help someone when he wishes too, or his aid is rebuffed.

Shower of Jade

By Mapache

The character rails against the injustice of poverty and starts helping those around him who need it without regard to the expenditure of his own resources. He will buy them food, clothing, medical treatment, tools, or whatever else they need to improve their lot in life. If actively indulged, this will last for a number of hours equal to the character's Compassion; if there are not any targets around to help, then it will last for a number of days equal to the character's Compassion. In either case, if the character spends enough to cause his resources rating to actually drop by a level, then he will recover his senses.

Limit Break Condition: The character sees others suffering for lack of goods or services they need.