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Righteous Domination

People can lack the vision, lack the will, lack the harmony needed for creation to be as it should be. If they cannot do what is needed on their own, they should be helped and led; if they will not be helped, they should be forced. They do not see truths that are self-evident; they do not know what is for the best. When Limit Breaking, the character grows tired of encouraging people to act in certain ways; he loses all sense of compromise. Instead, he will use all means short of violence that he has to force people to do what he wishes, rob them of their wills, apply the full force of his personality, etc. Furthermore, he will accept no role in any system other than one of power, and will seek more power while Limit Breaking (note that he remains sane and sensible in his seeking of power). This lasts a number of days equal to his Conviction Score.

Limit Break Condition: The character's advice is ignored in a matter that he sees as important.


Nice one. I think something like this has been lacking for a while. I'll be adding you to my list of people to suggest virtue flaws off of.
-- Darloth

Thanks for the response. I agree a sort of 'Machivellian impulse' just seems cool to me for any of those social characters, and it's something I haven't really seen elsewhere. -- Arken