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Hi. This will hopefully have a reworked -Mandate of Heaven- rules set, tailored to my preferences and in plain english as much as possible. But I am often willfully computer illiterate so we'll see how I go...


Here's my set of social combat changes too:


And here's a lifepath structured Dragon-blood character generation style.


And here's my house rules for Solar Perfects.


Here's my currently very incomplete Mass-combat rules


Here's a list of House Rules (minor mostly) that I'm using for my campaign.



Welcome to the Wiki. Please read BestPractices. Lots of top-level pages and pages with spaces in the names are considered BadForm. This has been your friendly welcome agent. - automatic Moxiane

Sorry, I read the Best practices but I must have missed that. (Apologises profusely). Can I change it? (My wiki-fu is weak)
You can, kinda. You need to redirect a lot, move all the top-level-with-spaces pages to subpages off the main. But you can't delete pages once set up. Moxiane
Would moving things be helpful? Or Unnecessary, just don't do it future?
Well, it's a good idea and shows willing. I mean, if you make a mess in someone's house without realising it, you make a note to not do it again, but do you leave it or clean it up? - ethical Moxiane
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Could be worth using the minor edit checkbox as well. Many of those page changes were deletions/moves with no real new content. That way people browsing recent changes won't see a page full of your reorganization.
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