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Shining Shun

Starting: Twilight Caste Motivation: Unite the Solar Exalted.

Str 1
Dex 5
Sta 5
Wits 5
Cha 3
Others 2

MA 5
Dodge 5
Athletics 5
Awareness 5
Lore 5
Resistance 3
Medicine 2
Occult 2
Investigation 2
Linguistics 2 (Native: High Realm. Others: Riverspeak, Old Realm.)
Presence 2

Essence 4

Valor 3
Others 2

Willpower 6

Celestial Monkey Style
Third MA Excellency
MA Essence Flow

Wanted 5
Known Anathema 5

500 XP:

Base Traits

Str -> 2
Str -> 3
Str -> 4
Str -> 5
Valor -> 4
Valor -> 5
Willpower -> 7
Willpower -> 8
Willpower -> 9
Willpower -> 10
Essence ->5
PAoC Style
208 (Shun took Full Moon Lunar Exalt Ways, and his Demense and Manse Form creates a Seven Leaping Dragon Stone)
Secrets of Future Strife
Joy in Adversity Stance


Third Dodge Excellency
Dodge Essence Flow
Shadow Over Water
Seven Shadow Evasion


First Lore Excellency
Immanent Solar Glory x5


Ox-Body Texhnique x3
24 (+2 -0, +1 -1, +2 -2)


Monkey Leap Technique
Graceful Crane Stance
Feather-Foot Style


Flickering Shadow Glimmer
Battle Initiation Ritual

"Flickering Shadow Glimmer" (Shadow Over Water, Seven Shadow Evasion) Shun disappears, except for his shadow, evading too fast to be tracked directly.

"Battle Initiation Ritual" (Four Halo Golden Monkey Realignment, Monkey Leap Technique, Graceful Crane Stance, Feather-Foot Style, Joy in Adversity Stance, Seven Shadow Evasion) Shun's Gates glow vigorously, his stance shifting to a light footing, and in the process he casts two shadows: a Monkey and a Crane.

498 XP total.

Items: Orichalcum Hearthstone Amulet (artifact 1, 1m committed), Sphere of the Revolutionary Dog (Manse 3, regain +1 willpower whenever it is regained), Essence-Containing Gem (Artifact 5, 75m stored for easy access).

Shun: hl: ---|---|----|-|-, wp: 10/10, prsnl: 25/0/25, prph: 56/1/57, ISG: 50/0/50, ECG: 75/0/75, DV: P6/D8/-0, Soak: 5B/2L/0A, Next Action: ?

Story: The Violet Path

When Shun Exalted, killing his Immaculate mentors, the event unfolded in two ways in the Loom of Fate. With but the slightest nudge, a Sidereal Sifu named Flame Whisper could change this young man's story, and insinuate himself as the boy's mentor instead of Omun Dos. After all, the boy would not need the Lunar's wisdom so much if Lytek saw fit to leave the whole Celestial Monkey Style with his shard. By meeting the boy just after the fight, he could be won over while still confused and passionate from the Exaltation. To be sure that he is right was no problem for Flame Whisper; after all, he was Sidereal.

Flame Whisper lamented that he, not a Chosen of Jupiter, was to be Shun's teacher. Yet the Endings caste was the one chosen, and would not fail. He decided to teach his pupil a martial art which would lead to great understanding of the world: Prismatic Arrangement of Creation.

Whisper, though an elder, was one who held aloof from the factions of the other sidereals. Not so old as to remember Chejop Kejak when he was young, Whisper did not see fit to question the Necessity of the Usurpation, as Ayesha Ura and the Gold Faction did. Neither did he trust the blind obedience of the Bronze Faction, though, and their unswerving ideal that all new Solars must die troubled him deeply. Thus his decision to adopt Shun: he would see with his own eyes what a Solar, taught but not indoctrinated as with the Cult of the Illuminated, could and would do. Privately, he always believed the Solars would be sufficient unto themselves to overcome whatever great catastrophe might occur.

Shun was taught discipline and passion, and above all how to fight. Flame Whisper did not seek a weapon at his disposal like many of the Gold Faction, but still he saw the turn of the times, knowing that any lone Solar must know first how to fight, and all else second. Yet Whisper did not spare in his teaching of Philosophy; he saw to it that Shun learned the ways of Yu-Shan, and that he knew the right way of the Celestial Order. Meditating upon this, the scripture of the maidens who knew not their names, and the state of the world, Shun was prepared to face any threat. Now, Flame Whisper has detected a threat deserving of his attention: Thrice Damned Mercurial Silk.


Go easy on the flaws and remember that regardless of how many flaws you took, you only get 10 BP max. Also consider lowering your starting Essence to 2 and spreading the bonus points around. As it is, Shun is not a viable character at chargen. And if those Virtues are bought with bonus points, then the conflict with Celestial Monkey virtue requirements means the character is illegal. - TonyC

I explain myself by saying... I'm far from home and working from memory - IanPrice, posting from New York instead of Illinos.

Sadly, it does appear to be true that Sutras = prayer strips, and are thus a Siddie-only thing. - IanPrice

Just an observation, don't you need to take a Lore Excellency before you can take Immanent Solar Glory? And just to double check for my character, backgrounds (aside from the restricted ones) are free?(Obviously within reason)I'm basing this question off of your repsonse to me in the challenge forum.-Ambisinister

Hm, you're right, I do... and yes. The "within reason" basically applies as, "just make it look cool, not load down with redundant bonuses." I really pushed the limit last time, since the idea was to showcase the effectiveness of the arsenal Celestial Monkey lets you use. - IanPrice

Ok, I've got another question: You've got 6 abilities listed, and you can't raise an ability over 3 with the points granted in Step Three of character creation. That totals to 18 points spent, so what'd you do with the other 10 points? I'm also unsure how you got 6 abilities to 5, which would cost 12 bonus points, and also raised your essence to 4, which would cost another 14 bonus points. The only explanation I can come up with is that we're allowed to raise abilities to 5 at Step Three. Is that correct?-Ambisinister

No... the correct conclusion is that I spent 1 bonus point too many (26 total, when I had 15 + 10 flaws). Argh. As for the other 10 points, they don't matter so much here, but I'll put them in anyway. - IanPrice