Thus Spake Zarataylor

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Thus Spake Zarataylor

Please put each musing in a seperate sub-page to make this section readable. ^_^


Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/AmethystWeapon on how this lovely superweapon can be used (plus a very nice little bit of fiction)
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/DragonArmorClarification Dragon Armor material bonuses, elemental lenses, and fire dragon claws
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/FiredustCannons for the advantage they give
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/IncantationOfEffectiveRestoration why Lookshy doesn't just use this spell to fix all its toys
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/InfiniteWeapon for use with Warstriders
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/OutcasteArtifacts for that which was left out
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/ProstheticsPossible for the likely options of someone who needs an arm etc back
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/RathessSkyship on this and Skywolf's essense vanes and capacitors
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/RechargingMortalWeapons is a problem. ^_^
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/SkywolfDetails for more info on Skywolf
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/ImportanceOfRepair On how much of a disadvantage Repair ratings and mandatory Hearthstones are
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/MortalArmorStatistics Clarifying the statlines of Gunzosha and Ashigaru armor


Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/DemonLegions on why it's a really stupid idea to summon up hordes of demons
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/ExaltedNumbers total Exalted numbers
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/FirstAgeWarfare Waging war in the age of Magitech.
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/GunzoshaArmourAndExaltation What happens when the pilot suddenly begins to glow?
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/LongCreationYears Life in the 425 day calendar.
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/LookshyImmaculateMonks for numbers and what they can teach
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/LookshyStandardIssue on the standard equipment of Lookshy troops
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/OnLookshyManse Aspect and level.
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/PlayersGuide on assorted questions.
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/SeventhLegionEffectiveness for who can beat them
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/SeventhLegionVsRealm on the differences between a Realm and Lookshy layout in their armed forces.
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/SkyshipsVsAirships to explain the difference
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/SpiffyFiction cut from the Lookshy chapter for space.
Thus_Spake_Zarataylor/UnitEffectivenessScale on the scaling of overall quality of Lookshy forces

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