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Victrola Flardun


"Please don’t make me go back! She’s still there, screaming and burning!"
- Vilrin Flardun attempting to flee into Sentinel’s hill
"A most unusual case. I attempted to exorcise her ghost on at least three separate occasions but she seems to have returned each time"
- Black Lark's Song
"I hear the drums beating, beating, every hour! I hear them in the dark places and not even the candles can hold them back now!"
- Victrola, second to last diary entry

There is some dark secret that lurks within Stone Pine Marsh; something that Victrola Flardun paid a horrible price to reveal.

Victrola was an upstanding citizen, caring wife and community leader; there were very few in Firewander who didn’t know her and fewer yet that didn’t like her. She was always helpful to her more elderly neighbors, and when she gave to the poor, whe she could. She loved her husband and their love life was quite passionate, much to the chagrin of those living next door. But all people in Nexus, no matter how clean-cut they appear, have a secret.

Victrola’s was the Celebrants Circle, which had recently recruited her specifically to do some dig work in Stone Pine Marsh. Teamed with the mercenary, and veteran Celebrant Radiant Spear ,the two were supposed to discover the cause of the, up to then relatively harmless, if disturbing, occurrences that had happened in and around the neighbourhood. Their investigation led them to Dead Beast Hill and after weeks of research they concluded that some ancient spirit temple had been buried in the vicinity. Radiant Spear volunteered to stay at the hill overnight after a particularly long day. Victrola went home, assuming all would be well when the sun next rose.

Radiant Spear’s body was found in the morning, brutally mutilated, with the Circle's symbol carved into her forehead. The rest of the Circle assumed that it was probably some vengeful god, stopping the revival of his rival, but Victrola knew that the two of them had uncovered something evil, and that it would be coming after her next.

Then the terror truly began

Normally an even-tempered person, Victorla became increasingly paranoid of those around her, accusing people of strange crimes, ranging from petty theft to murder. She also claimed to see people that weren’t there, people lurking in the shadows, peering in windows and, on moonless nights, dancing about Dead Beast Hill, in psychotic glee.

Soon she descended fully into her madness, striking out at her husband, despite his loving nature, and lying in fear of the dark, lighting every candle in the house and commanding her husband to buy more, though they could hardly afford it. She claimed to hear drums constantly and would cower in fear at their sound. Finally, the madness consumed her, drowning her in oil and fire, perhaps so that the darkness could reach her no more.

Few could understand why she had killed herself and her diary, which she had kept since she was a child, provided little clue, though it is certainly a fascinating view of her spiral into madness. The last entry however, was full of strange writings in languages that no one understood and that surely Victrola shouldn’t have known. It was written in her own blood and seemed to convey the location of something, though that has yet to be deciphered

Though she is dead, Victrola still does not rest easy. People throughout Stone Pine Marsh have witnessed her ghost, a flaming spirit seen only in the corner of the eye, running as if being hunted, by something…..

Now, on moonless nights, like the one on which she died, on the very moment that she submerged herself in fire, a ghastly shriek can be heard, the last vestige of a soul trapped by unspeakable horror.


  • The members of the Circle now believe that Victrola was a Yozi cultist, and a demon she summoned got out from under her control, killed her, and is now coming after her former compatriots, forcing the Circle underground
  • The last page, when correctly translated, reveals the weaknesses of each of the Council of Entities.


  • The ghost of Victrola Flardun is not the ghost of Victrola Flardun. This theory was put forth by an elderly man who claimed to have been an expert ghost hunter. What it actually is cannot now be known, as the man was found the next day, burnt to a crisp, in his bath tub.


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