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Wow. I'm so not smart enough for this.

So. Yeah. This is me! I heart Exalted, oh yes I do. Apparently I was single-handedly responsible for hooking a great many people onto the whole system. I think that maybe they probably bought the books just to make me shut up about it though.

Talk about me? Don't mind if I do. One of things I just happen to be good at.

I am one of the luckiest of luckies. Why's that you ask? Because I work at a gaming store, my official title is 'Token Chick.' Because most of the time I am the only female within a fifty foot radius. Unless you count the cars driving by, and I sure don't. What it means to me though, is I have a 'job' where I sit on my butt and read books all day, and that I now have way more gaming books than I really probably need. Oh, wait, I forgot. You can never have too many gaming books.

Um...lesse what else. Here's where my best talent comes in handy: borrowing other people's good ideas since I'm not original enough to come up with them on my own.

I can pretty much always be found at http://im-chat.com , my screen name over there is Teriyakidoll as well. And everyone should go to MidKnight's Exalted PR there. It roxors my soxors, oh yes.

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You can. You don't want to see it... it's like a giant ziggurat of gaming material, clawing hungrily at the sky. At moment, it might fall on you, doing god knows how much damage. -- DaveFayram

Heh. Okay, so my collection hasn't gotten that bad yet, but I have seen a monstrosity similar to the one you described. Being a one publisher gal (that one, being White Wolf), who's only been doing the whole gaming thing for a few years, though, mine has not reached that level. -- Teriyakidoll

You SOOOO remind me of a couple of girls I ran Exalted for. *sigh* Actually, I rather miss them ~_^ ~Mailanka

Exalted chicks roxor? Yeah! That's it! I've never actually gotten to play Exalted with another female, really. -- Teriyakidoll

I've been with... err... I mean I've had... rather I've played with... SIGH I've run Exalted for three women thus far, and possibly prepping for a fourth. ^_^

Tsk, Mailanka, tsk. I mean, can't really shame you for it, but I've gotta at least make the attempt, right? -MidKnight