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Some concerns - (1) I'm generally not a fan of the idea of having a minimum melee for MA charms. On the other hand, I wouldn't necessarily have an issue with prerequisite melee charms for MA charms. I'm not sure why - it might simply be an idiosyncratic preference of mine. I'm also not a huge fan of the role a character's Melee score plays in this style in other ways (like the Form charm). (2) I don't like the pinnacle charm. It doesn't really do anything new. Also, the "Must be in Striking Cobra Sword Form to use" bit kind of bugs me. My preference would be to simply make it so that the charms work well enough together that a character wouldn't really consider using one without the other (look at Essence Fang and Scales - who would use that without Snake Form active?). -Szilard

I can see where you're comming from but i constructed the style like this because it is so dependant on the characters understanding of not just this Art but, Also her Skill with the sword. As for Brilliant Echo of the Mamba it's not supposed to do anything "different" it's supposed to give the Martial Artist the ultimate application of what she already knows - Issaru
(shrug) My concern is more that BEotM makes the other charms generally pointless. - szilard
Nah it's more cost effective than a combo and this style is about speed and economy.-Issaru
Ummm... I meant that once you have the pinnacle charm you'll probably never use the other ones... which pretty much turns them into useless speedbumps. -szilard
I understand that but sometimes you just don't have two rounds of nothing to do and maybe you need the powers that those charms give.Battle erupting suddenly maybe you need to cut a rope before a friend gets hung and you can't close in the time allowed ect...but i do see your point and appreciate the time you took to leave me a comment Thanx :0) - Issaru
Actually, since the pinnacle costs more than the two Charms it combines and requires the Form to be in effect while the other two do not, it is not only less efficient but also slower to use. Except that it's scenelong, which makes it kind of overefficient, except that KCI (ick spelled backward!) is overcosted. - willows
It's more efficient in that it is sustained for a while and leaves you open do do other things. As for the other two charms that was the reason i don't belive that they are speed bumps.The costing of BEotM is that i saw this charm as somewhat powerful and wouldn't like it used in every fight.How is KCI overcosted it's 3Motes? - Issaru

On the topic of melee as a prerequisite for the MA charms... From my understanding of the character it was designed for and from what I've seen of the style, the need for melee only reinforces the idea that the person using this form MUST know their way around a sword. Granted, MA teaches you which end of the blade is the dangerous end (amongst other things), but there are certain things a master of melee would know instinctively that a martial artist may not be familiar with. It is quite possible to have a character who is a true badass with a sword who simply doesn't have very many melee charms, some may or may not be suited for her, so the option of using a melee score as opposed to spending precious xp on charms that don't really match the character suits me just fine.(By the way, I personally have one of those weirdo swordswoman characters with almost no melee charms...some of them just don't fit.) Oh yeah, and the fact that these charms can be comboed with Melee charms is just that much cooler... - Dreaming_Nymph

Rockin' rewrite of BEotM. I like that version better, gives the martial artist a bit of that old "Dragon Blood Pimps Reflexive Charm Technique" that I'm so fond of... Dreaming Nymph