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Repository of Exalted Whatnot

Being new to this whole Wiki thing, I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing, but I figured it would be nice to have some space to post ideas and other noteworthy information. With time, this page will develop actual meaningful (and useful) content. For the moment, it will act simply as a storage unit for Exalted related things that I think should be shared.

Strange/CharacterHistories: The history and background of our Circle of Exalts
Strange/CharacterStatistics: Corresponding character sheets, equipment lists, etc.
Strange/CampaignSetting: Notes on the locale of our adventures

Strange/Adventure: Documentation of the story so far

Strange/HandyDevices: Links to internet Exalted resources, including character generators.

Strange/Tactics: Things I've found online that outline mechanical Exalted strategies.

Strange/Charms: Let's face it - some of the best charms are the ones you write yourself.