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A brief summary of what we have done in game:

  • Departed Kether rock and encountered a slaver caravan near paragon.
  • Swiftly destroyed caravan (with the help of a ghost-marked tribe) and took two prisoners, a concubine and an archer.
  • Befriended ghost-marked, rested at their village and took time for recreation.
  • Consulted the elder spirit of the tribe and learned of an artifact that will aid our quest against the Perfect.
  • Some ghost-types attack just north of the village. They were quickly obliterated.
  • Entered trade negotiations with the Perfect for the artifact.
  • During spare time converted masses, trained troops and researched local plantlife.
  • The leader of the ghost-touched got his hand cut off during negotiations. Totally his own fault.
  • The Perfect's detestible lapdog reveals herself as a Dawn caste.

This is a rather shoddy write up, and is most likely inaccurate, as it's only what I could remember off the top of my head. If anyone else from the campaign wishes to expound upon/correct what is here, by all means do so.

- strange