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Emerald Circle

Awaken the Marionette
Cost: 20 motes
Recipients of feelings and dreams, the Sorcerer can drawn out the impressions left upon mere dolls and turn it into truth as they rise, instilled with life by the echoes of craftsmanship and hope left upon them to be everything creators and owners had ever seen in its form! To cast this spell the Sorcerer must have a droplet of blood or strand of hair from its owner or craftsman and cradle the doll, whispering nursery rhymes and dreams unfulfilled until its spirit breaks free from bondage and into the realm of awareness!

Awaken the Marionette may be cast upon anything from mere children's dolls to decorative armor, instilling on them capabilities above and beyond those ever imagined before!

Warlike Dolls have the statistics of Elite Troops (Exalted, page 278) - those dolls are consummate fighting machines with humanlike attributes despite their diminutive size. Their fighting ability is set at 5 - with 3 specialties on whatever companion piece it holds on its hand (and split between different weapons if it carries more than one.) Those dolls receive one automatic success on all rolls related to fighting and come armed with Exceptional Weapons.

Comforting Dolls have the statistics of a Merchant Prince (Exalted page 279) - those dolls have the sweetest voices and movements. Their Socialize OR Performance score is set at 5 and 3 specialties in related comforting activities. Those dolls receive one automatic success on all social rolls.

Other dolls follow this mold: Beautiful ones having more appearance and those made of sturdier materials more strength.

Marionettes have varied and colorful personalities - based on the materials used in their construction and their making and use in the hands of their creators and owners - but will always follow the caster faithful to his words and orders. As Automatons the dolls are immune to disease and poison and can only be healed of wounds via repair. Dolls make Virtue rolls normally, but all have one kind of Virtue they cannot fail on: Warlike dolls cannot fail Valor, Comforting dolls cannot fail Compassion, and so on.

Marionettes are often Extras - but that depends entirely on the importance of individual dolls to the narrative.

Flight of Sunset Birds
Cost: 15 motes
Crushing a feather on the palm of her hand the Sorcerer begins the Flight of Sunset Birds incantation, picturing freedom for body, heart and soul and giving it a physical expression the Sorcerer sprouts an immense pair of wings from her back in a moment of liberation, filling the air with a rain of feathers! All opponents of the Sorcerer act as if blind in the turn this Spell is cast and the Sorcerer herself takes one lethal health level of damage from the violent blossom of wings from her back!

Those great feathered wings may be of any coloration possible or impossible, Raven-Black or Dove-White or any other color in between in accordance to the nature of the Sorcerer. They allow the Sorcerer to fly at her normal movement speed, ascend at half and descending at twice that rate. The wings fade at the next sunset, losing feathers to the wind in a similar display to their bloom, leaving enough time for the Sorcerer to land before the last of its feathers falls.

Prismatic Shards
Cost: 15 motes
Drawing the Essence from the air about him the Exalted causes it to almost crystalize before striking it with an outstretched hand at the end of the incantation, sorcerous lights coursing through it and striking through the broken crystallized air in jagged shards of all colors to strike those that displease the Sorcerer! The caster chooses a target for the shards within 100 yards to be struck immediatly by this spell as they travel fast as light.

The caster rolls Perception+Occult with an Accuracy bonus equal to the caster's Performance as the attack roll against his target which is unparriable and cannot be dodged without magic. It deals base damage of 9L plus successes, but upon striking the target only one color will shine brighter than all others! The caster must roll a die upon striking the target. On a roll of...

  • ... 1-2 the target is struck by the yellow light and has his movement speed halved for an hour.
  • ... 3-4 the target is struck by the blue light that turns pain to pleasure, doubling all wound penalties for an hour.
  • ... 5-6 the target is struck by red light that causes even Exalted to bleed one health lethal health level per turn until staunched.
  • ... 7-8 the target is struck by green light that clouds the sight and made blind for an hour.
  • ... 9-10 the target is struck by Violet light that kills, turning strike's damage from Lethal to Aggravated.

Rule the Illuminated Orchestra
Cost: 20 motes
Light and Sound, shock and awe! The nature of Essence in the world is brought to bear to shake with awe and wonder all those who watch the Sorcerer! Calling upon the illuminated orchestra the Sorcerer recites the ten whispers of one of the 111 popular rhymes that describes their existence and starts their concerto, conducting with mastery of Essence that which all the uninitiated imagine when the might of Sorcerers come to mind... light!

For one hour after the Orchestra is summonned brilliant lights and distant rumbles surround the Sorcerer in vague ever-shifting shapes reminiscent of divinities which may be shaped by the Sorcerer into anything and everything! Forming as many different shapes and sounds as she can imagine, shifting shadows and even guiding ephemeral sources of light, sound and heat such as candlelights and smoke. This increases the dice pool of any Presence or Performance roll made by the Sorcerer by his Essence+Craft scores. Light, sound and shadow may be direct to hinder others with but a Manipulation+Performance roll, incurring a visual penalty to any single character equal to the Sorcerer's Permanent Essence for a turn. The Sorcerer may roll Essence+Craft as a dice pool to create masterpieces with light or shadows which will vanish as the spell comes to its end.

Those of Gallant Nature receive one automatic success to all rolls enhanced by this Spell.

Thousand-Spring Regalia
Cost: 16 motes
Whispering the words Nefloridia, Goddess of Flowers uses to provoke the Bloom of each flower in Spring the Sorcerer produces an unnatural bloom about herself. She must stand upon fertile ground as she enacts this Spell and place her hands upon the ground, whispering the words and feeling it bloom with exactly one-hundred and eleven different kinds of flowers. As she steps away and until the sun next crosses the horizon she blooms with perfect grace, each step making petals fall from her, each movement making flowers bloom in the air, each step creating flowers on the ground.

The Essence of Flowers suffusing the Sorcerer makes her as beautiful as she is illuminated, irresistible and perfect as Heaven's floral arrangements, increasing both her Appearance and Charisma by an ammount equal to her Essence score and making it so she can always be noticed by all the people in the room whenever she so wishes. She can create veritable kaleidoscopes of flowers in the air - and a single dice action can be used to do so per turn, giving her +2 to the Difficulty to be hit for 2 turns or holding a character's attention and giving him +2 Difficulty to his actions this turn if he fails a Willpower roll against the Sorcerer's Performance score. And she can make flowers - of any species she has ever seen with her own eyes - grow from any fertile ground she touches at the rate of three per turn: those work like real flowers in all respects.

The floral spetacle about the character makes Stealth all but impossible, however, and makes sure no one can miss the character's presence.

Wrath of Twisted Skies
Cost: 25 motes
Gathering a piece of the sky from the air around him the Sorcerer holds it between his hands, compressing it further and further with such pressure that could only come from having the weight of the world upon it until the air between his hands darken with pressure, a sphere of crackling black essence of broken air, radiating pressure crushing! The Sorcerer directs no farther than 200 yards away where it explodes in a surge of pressure that leaves shadowed ripples in air and ground and affects all those within an spherial area 60 yards around as the moment that Primordials decided Man Should Not Fly!

The Sorcerer rolls Manipulation+Occult with a dice bonus equal to his Conviction. For each success over the Strength + Athletics of all creatures within this area they suffer from a -1 mobility penalty and +1 fatigue penalty, in addition to any already incurred from armor or other burdens. Should their Mobility Penalty raise above their Strength + Athletics due to the effects of this Spell they are brought to the ground and must fight prone until the Spell's effects have passed. Any flying beings within this area subject to this are brought down heavily to the ground, suffering falling damage. Should the target's Fatigue Value raise above their Stamina + Endurance due to the effects of this Spell they take a number of levels of unsoakable bashing damage equal to the difference each turn this spell continues. The spell always lasts seven turns, no more, no less.