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Memory of Wounds Past

Cost: 15 motes, 1 Willpower 
Duration: 1 Scene 
Type: Supplemental 
Minimum Medicine: 5 
Minimum Essence: 5 
Prerequisite Charms: Unhealing Wound Infliction

During the First Age, Solar Exalted were the Princes of the Earth, and nothing was gainsaid for them. As a result, many fell into decadence. This Charm was born out of a perversion of the healers arts. The Exalt must touch the target in question. This can be part of an attack, but it must be done barehanded. The Exalt does not need to touch bare skin. When the Exalt touches the target, the Exalt's player must roll Int + Medicine, adding 1 automatic success / dot of Essence. The target resists this with Stamina + Resistance. If the target succeeds, no effect will be noticed.

If the Solar succeeds, the worst wound the target ever suffered reopens. The target immediately drops to that wound level. Further, this wound will not heal for the rest of the scene. Supernatural healing can keep the wound from getting worse, but not heal it. Finally, the character should roll for stun based on the amount of wound levels received.

For most NPC's, the ST should be able to guess what their worst wound was, based on profession and lifestyle. If the ST has no idea as to what the worst wound is for a character, roll 7 dice.\\ No succeses = Character has not been significantly wounded in their life.\\ 1 Succ = -0. \\ 2 = -1. \\ 3 Succ= All -1. \\ 4= -2. \\ 5= All -2. \\ 6= -4. \\ 7= Incapacitated. \\ \\ This Charm is specifically allowed in a Combo with Charms of other abilities. It cannot affect someone more than once in a scene.


This is a pretty cool idea, and it seems reasonably well implemented. The random worst-wound determining mechanism is slick, though you might want to make it more explicit that the dice rolling is only a backup for when the ST can't decide; after all, a veteran soldier has very likely been Incapacitated at some point, so why roll for her? Note that its use "can be part of an attack" doesn't quite jibe with its being a Simple Charm, as it implies that it's Supplemental. Better just to say that "the character must make a successful attack roll." Also, you might want to have some mechanism to see whether the target is stunned. - Quendalon

Thanks for the info Quendalon. I changed it around. The type should be Supplemental. I added language as well. - JPCardier