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Solar Medicine

Hypnotic Manipulation Cure

Cost: 15m/1wp
Duration: 1hour
Type: Simple
Min Med: 3
Min Essence:3
Prerequisite Charms: Body-Mending Meditation, Touch of Blissful Release

The user channels his/her essence into the shape of a pendilum and hypnotizes the patient. The user may roll a medicine + Manipulation to run the patient through tramatic experiences and attempt to convense them that they weren't afraid or that it never happened releasing them from being crazed from the experience and returning the patient to normal mental health.(cannot cure effects caused by a being of more essence than the user)


I'd change the wording on the first charm to "cannot cure effects caused by a being of more essence than the user" - BlackFlame

Thx ^^ -Alicrast

For your second Charm, don't use three different traits in a single roll. It's clunky and pointless. The entire system is based on combinations of two traits. Stick with it. One might question why your Dominate Charms are in Medicine rather then Presence. Solars are very specific with their ability-charm correlations and hypnotism isn't really Medicine. Psychology is generally covered by the social abilities. - Telgar

K I'm gona remove the second one and play with it when I have some social charms for Solars. -Alicrast

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