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Flight of the Myriad Shades

  • Cost: 3 motes, 1 wp
  • Duration: Instant
  • Type: Reflexive
  • Minimum Dodge: 5
  • Minimum Essence: 3
  • Prerequisite: Seven Shadows Evasion

By use of this charm, the Exalt may dodge anything that comes at her, without the need to roll. This is a perfect, universally applicable. She can dodge the undodgeable such as planets, bolts of acid or the attacks of Demon Princes or other such beings.

Yes, I have it at 5/3. I personally think HGD should be a 5/3 charm as well.

Passing Shadow Defense

  • Cost: 4 motes
  • Duration: Instant
  • Type: Reflexive
  • Minimum Dodge: 4
  • Minimum Essence: 2
  • Prerequisite: Shadow Over Water

As easily as a shadow passes over objects, thus does the character evade attacks. This charm is universally applicable and may be used to dodge things that one could not normally dodge; out of clinches, out of the range of area effects, etc, since the character actually teleports. She simply vanishes and reappears in the new location of her desiring. This distance can be no further than her Essence in yards--one cannot dodge in Nexus and appear in Paragon. This is not a perfect dodge.


Nice... very nice. It also sort of makes sense, but I don't think you'd really need a dodge version of HGD. But I would also wonder, do these charms apply to attacks you can NOT anticipate? I mean HGD only works on attacks you know is coming, if it's out of the blue, you're SoL unless it's comboed with SAM.
~ Haku the Baka Mazoku

As with the majority of dodge charms, these can be used when you're unaware. ~DualMegami