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SiLu is a character in JesseLowe 's White Pines campaign. I am the player that is SiLu, a.k.a JesseLowe 's wife.


JesseLowe has asked me to put my character's goals up here so he has easy access to them.

SiLu's goals:

  • Overall main goal: Try to Take Over The World - not king yet ;D
  • Long term goal #1: Work to a higher rank in the cult of the illuminated
  • Long term goal #2: Get bad ass huge cult following for self - pretty close.
  • Short term goal #1: Become head honcho in White Pines - done!
  • Short term goal #2: Get areas around White Pines on the conquer the world band wagon - getting there.
  • Very short term goal: get beer with the fellas - Done! and then done some more!


I am going to try to be using this page to design a new martial arts style. I am thinking something to do with fire wands because as far as I know there is only righteous devil style, and as cool as it is I would like a little variety with my flame pieces. Until then there is actaually very little here.