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Shataina's Houserules

I generally don't actually tweak that much. When I do, it tends to only be because I really hate the current system. Like, really really.

I am a mean and detail-oriented Storyteller. I also tend to think in ways that most people don't, and a lot of the time people think my systems are totally crazy and superfluous. You have been warned.

Oh, I also almost always play with Morpheus's houserules, so if you find something that doesn't make sense to you, it may be because it was designed to be in line with his plethora of changes -- remind me of it, and I'll add an alternate ruling.


Shataina/ManseCreation ~ Manses are not used often enough because we don't have an adequate system for creating them; so I made one up.

Shataina/PresentationNotAppearance ~ Like most people, I houserule Appearance; I do it by creating a new Social Attribute to replace it, then adding "pretty" / "ugly" Merits.


Shataina/CastelessSorcery ~ An attempt to detach sorcery from the Occult Ability.

Shataina/DemonSummoning ~ Demon-summoning is not canonically interesting or dramatic enough; also, it is too easy.