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Hi all, and welcome to my wiki page.

I'm Søren Nissen. I've played Exalted since about the last quarter of 2002, I think. That campaign, "the Sunlit Garden," is still running. It's very fun.

This page will generally hold five sections:

  • Houserules and custom Charms
  • Other Exalted discussion, both rules and setting related
  • Material for the Sunlit Garden campagin
  • Random stuff, including useful links ;)
  • Commentary

I've been re-arranging this page a lot, and I occasionally forget to mark "minor edit." If you come here and find that nothing much has been changed... That's probably the reason. Sorry.

While you're here, I'd like you to observe the following rule: Don't edit my stuff. Please? I don't mind comments, in fact I love comments, but I'd prefer it if you don't edit my other stuff. Yes, even typo's. I know I can't stop you, but it would make me much happier if you didn't.

Discussing the Rules of Exalted

I write a variety of things for my players (when I ST) and for my character (when I play). If it's rules-related, it goets here.


Virtues_101: Some people have a hard time understanding either virtues, the Great Curse or indeed, both and how they interact. I've written this guide for those people, and other people on teh interweb have praised it.

Custom Charms

Here goes custom Charms and revised Charms. I haven't made too many yet, but they're slowly coming as my Sunlit Garden character runs out of official stuff to spend his XP on. You can primarily expect this to be about Bureaucracy, Dodge and Martial Arts.


Since Melee gets fantastic defense, I've toyed a little with the idea of a Dodge offense, which mostly consists of counterattacks. You can find them here. This is the tree they're all on

SRNissen/SrN_ERT: I also used to have a Charm with the name Effortless Redirection Technique located on this page, but I don't use it. I haven't even mentioned it to my ST. It was however, the Charm that started me down this route.

Martial Arts

Discussing other Noteworthy Subjects

Travelling before the invention of the internal combustion engine: As Grabowski said at some point, Going_over_100_mph_is_a_*major*_power in Exalted. That means travelling in Exalted is going to be interesting, until you reach the Charms where you just don't care about land speed any more. I've written a bit about how travelling with a group of people (ed: Army) works out.

Ages_of_Exalted: I got into a discussion with Hong, a troll over on, about whether or not Exalted had stayed true to its roots. The discussion trainwrecked, but I liked this part enough to keep it. It covers (quickly and very briefly) all of Human History in Creation from the human Stone-Age until the current day of RY 768

Relating to the campaign known as the Sunlit Garden

The full name is actually "The Sunlit Garden of the True Circle," but it's too long for anything but "official" use. It's what we call the country we're slowly carving out in the middle of the Hundred Kingdoms.

This_page will hold all stuff specific to my character, Haqim ibn Said

Stuff I've Created for the Sunlit Garden campaign

A spy report

Report from a Lookshy Merchant: In ancient times, merchants were the most well-travelled people of all. They make wonderful spies. Warning: It's a 280 KB .jpg file, so dial-up beware.

Promises to the People

Haqim, in addition to his other duties, is a fantastic writer, and writes these propaganda pieces. They're called Promises to the People. Hopefully I'll actually get around to writing more than one :)

Watch this space, more stuff will arrive as I work through my back-log of stuff I haven't uploaded.

Random Stuff

I ran a prelude for Bigeshus character Crimson Mane. He wanted me to teach him how to run preludes for Exalted, so he could run some for his own players. This is the out-of-character log, cut-and-pasted directly from the MSN logging system, and here is the in-character log, cut, pasted, edited, cut and pasted from mIRC. Tip nr. 1 for online RP'ing: Keep IC and OoC discussions not only in seperate windows, but also in seperated programs. That way you won't accidentally post fart jokes in the In Character window. Oh: Bigeshu is a guy from the forums is the Roleplaying Open part of the RPG.Net forums. It's a wonderful place to hang. My 'nick around those parts is Nissen, Søren Rune

QuotesofGoodness has funny quotes

QuotesofCoolness has useful quotes


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