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Son of Crows

Insane Renegade Moonshadow Caste Abyssal

Str 5 (strength of a madman) Dex 4 Sta 3

Cha 3 Manip 3 App 0 (skull faced)

Wits 5 (Insane Insights) Int 2 Per 2


Bureaucracy 0 Linguistics 2 Ride 4 Sail 0 Socialise 0

Brawl 5 Thrown 3 Melee 2

Athletics Awareness 3 Dodge 3 Stealth 1

Endurance 2 Resistance 4 Presence 1 Survival 2

Lore 1 Medicine 1 Occult 3


Whispers 5
Manse 2 (Hearthstone –Gemstone of Last Resort- Ignore Wound Penalties, double healing time)


Valour 4
Compassion 2
Conviction 3
Temperance 1

Willpower 7

Essence 3

Personal -16 Peripheral- 38(58)

-0,-1,-1 -1, -1, -2, -2, -2, -2, -2, -2 -4, Incap


Ravaging Strike- Instant, Supp. 1m to double successes for purpose of adding to damage. Can do after attack roll.
Lashing Tempest Attack- Instant supp. 5m for 10 yards. Blasts back opponent, does bashing damage if they hit something before distance is met.
Five Knife Strike- 4m, 1 scene. Hands do lethal Str+1 dmg. Can parry weapons
Blood-drinking Palm- 2m, Instant Supp. Get 1m per raw damage dice on strike (before soak) up to opponents Sta+Essence.
Bone Shattering Blow- Instant Supp, 3m. Double all wound penalties.
Writhing Blood Chain Technique- 10m, 1w, 1HL. 1 scene. Grows 3 razor clawed chains of congealed blood. Can use them for 3 extra Attacks or Parries.
Chains- Spd 12, Acc 12, Damage- 8, Defence 12.

Ox Body Technique x2
Essence Engorgement x2
Blood Feasting Technique

Soul Reins,
Forceful Spirit Spur
Spectral Steed- 10m, 1w. Summons an Excellent Horse of coal black coat & fanged mouth.
Blood Inscription Method.1m, write in blood.

Flitting Shadow Form- 1m per 2d. Instant, Refl. Reduce Attack pool by 2d per mote spent
Spirit Hardened Frame – Simple, Scene.- 14m for 7B/3L soak.
Ivory Blossom Carapace- 7m, 1 HL, Simple, Scene. 7L/7B, -3 mobility.

Sticks & Stones, Blood & Bones Strike Combo- 1w, 24+m.
Put Writhing Blood Chains up. Then this Combos Ravaging Strike with Blood Drinking Palm and Bone Shattering Blow- give you 4 attacks (w/ Blood Chains) doubling successes for damage, sucking motes=raw damage & doubling wound penalties. Flitting Shadow built in to buy Entropic Dodges at 1m per 2 dice.

Init- 9
Punch (with 5 Knife Stike) Spd. 9, Acc 9, Damage 6
Chains (with 5 Knife Stike) Spd 12, Acc 12, Damage 9, Defence 12

Dodge pool- 7. Parry Pool 9.

Soak Normal- 2L/3B
Soak Powered up- 12L/17B (2 rounds, 21m, 1HL)


Son of Crows is a raging mad, clad in tattered rags, his face a bloody, skeletal ruin from where he has clawed away at it. Driven mad by the Whispers that demand he make obeisance to the Abyss and cast his name into Oblivion, yet fearing this fate above all things his mind has broken.

Abandoned by the Princess Magnificent with Lips of Coral and Robes of Black Feathers, this once intelligent man is little more than a madman, forever talking to himself, or to the Whispers only he can hear, daubing the terrible secrets he learns from the Malfeans in a bloody scrawl across every surface.

And madness has given him power too. Stronger than most renegades, he is an instinctive fighter- forcing his bones out of his flesh to armour him, congealing his blood into terrible chains that whirl around him, protecting him. There is no grace or method to his attack, just a terrifying rush to attack, to rend, to break and to bleed and feast on the hapless opponent. For blood is his only nourishment now, and blood is the only thing he understands in his madness.

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