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Person Relay

New Theme: People with Red Hats

From far and wide, across all Creation there is one truth: Hats rock. Especially red hats. So this Relay concentrates on those wonderful people who wear amazingly cool Red Hats. They must wear them almost all the time. Examples: Carmen Sandiego. Alucard. Cardinal Szfora(?). Carry on!

Daggermouth Jack - Paincake

The Blessed Isle

By day, the Dynast Mnemon Ull'oa leads a simple life. The unExalted nephew of a few notable Exalts, he has a comfortable job, an Exalted sister who occasionally sends a little extra jade his way, a dutiful marriage to a plain, but very pleasing wife. He has everything that a person could want. Except.. He remembers. His nursemaid's stories, her weaving tales of high adventure and excitement.. When he was young, he loved most the story of the dashing rogue Daggermouth Jack. Unbeknownst to him, his nursemaid was a mischevious Faeblood, and her stories were more than just a trifle; through her love for the youngster and her slight destiny-twisting presence, his life has irrevocably changed. Something has been growing in him since youth.. and now, at night, he wanders the streets of the Imperial City in a black mask, wearing his customary brilliant red hat and cape, armed with a rapier and dagger, armored in sleek leather. His sister's jade ensures his secret pleasure, and he has become an avid fan of the sword-and-dagger fighting style. He has all the flush of youth about him and an air of invulnerability that only the truly drunk on life can match. He has broken up a small circle of smugglers, stopped a dozen robberies, and he managed to knock out an *extremely* drunk Cynis Wood Exalt who was attempting to take advantage of an eight foot statue of The Scarlet Empress. This latest act has gained him the ire of the Exalt in question, Cynis Dolenai. This "real hero's" luck may have just run out.

Nakhma Three-Eyes - Han'ya

The South

Nakhma Three-Eyes is a slave retailer, operating out of a city a little more than one hundred miles south of Chiaroscuro. He specializes in slaves who are skilled in the occult, or not entirely human. Customers and friends speak of his eerie knowledge of a person's strengths and weaknesses with no more than a cursory inspection, as well as an unerring instinct for lineage and power that does not seem to be backed up by any formal occult learning. His business is small but lucrative, owing to the rarefied circles in which he deals. Many a sorcerer has purchased their eunuch slave-assistant from his stables. His superiors in the Guild are worried that he may usurp them, and his lessers despair of ever toppling him from his perch.

The secret of Nakhma's success is the third eye on his forehead, which is not Wyld mutation nor mark of divine heritage. He keeps it covered at all times with a head wrap and a large red hat, in appearance something like the child of a turban and a beret. Most people suspect he carries his money therein, accounting for the fact that he never takes it off, but that's not so. It is empty, but for cones of incense and coins scratched with good-luck symbols. There is always a rumor circulating that Nakhma is in fact deep in debt, accounting for his obsessive devotion to his work and wealth, to the exclusion of the luxurious private life his funds could accord him. This rumor is true, but the debt he's paying off is the purchase of his eye, and he is not paying the Guild.

Bloodhat Hammer - FrivYeti

The West

Hammer is a god-blooded mercenary and hunter, the captain of a ship he calls the Endless Endeavor. The leader of a small crew of mercenaries, Hammer accepts commissions to hunt Wyld creatures of the seas, or the occasional lesser Fair Folk that menace a small island. Hammer himself stands just over six feet tall and almost as broad, a legacy of his mother, a goddess of the sandy shore of the Blessed Isle. He wears impressive-looking brown leather armour and totes a jade wavecleaver daiklave that he once acquired - but he is known as the Bloodhat for his floppy brown-red hat. Some say that Hammer actually bathes the hat in the blood of the monsters he kills, and that immediately after doing so, it becomes a deep crimson, gradually fading towards brown.

The truth is that Hammer's hat is powerful leather, forged from a strip of flesh that fell from the dreaded behemoth Arad the Hunter. When Hammer soaks the hat in the fresh blood of a Wyld creature, it absorbs the effects of one of the creature's mutations, which Hammer can then call on at will as long as the effect lasts. Hammer is very proud of his hat, and also very secretive about it; he knows that it is a prize that he could not hold if an Exalt of sufficient power decided to claim it.

Glorious Flame - Heru

The South

Deep in the mountains of a Southern region of Creation lies a small village of Easterly (which confuses a lot of people as the town is in the South). In this town the principle religion is that of worship of Elemental Fire and the Fire God Rasana (who is the god of the local volcano). For a reason unknown the principle priest of the Cult of the Elemental Fire God Rasana is tended by a man always named Glorious Flame who, as is most iconic piece of religious garb, is a gigantic red hat named Blessed Fire. A hat, mind you, that he may never take off in public or profane the sacred Elemental Fire god. The current Glorious Flame, the 764 one since the dawning of the religion, appears exactly like all the others do (large, stout, with red hair and red bearded wearing red all the time) and currently operates the town's single community store in addition to his religious duties.

The hat itself is a religious icon granted to the people of the town by their god and thus contains within itself many potent and powerful enchantments. The main one is that when a new Glorious Flame is chosen after the death of the previous one the hat causes a great physical change to shift the new person into the form of the original Glorious Flame (which some myths indicate was an ancient Solar that the god fell in love with). In addition the hat grants him the ability to occasionally breathe fire, bathe in fire, and cause fire to erupt out of the ground. The final effect, which the town has long had to deal with, is that the hat causes its wearer to permanently have a libido the size of a Breeding 6 Dragon-Blooded.

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Just a reminder of how Relays work. First person gives the topic, in this case a type of person. Next five people provide the five people who fit the topic. The fifth contributor finishes the relay, archives it and posts the new topic. - Telgar

Wow! 1 year anniversary of a relay! That's amazing! And all the red hatted folks are pretty damn cool too! - Telgar