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Well, this is an introduction. Mostly this is fiction and information for the benefit of my players, but anyone is welcome to read and if they walk away with something, then my work as a creator is done!


Solar Exalted

  • Onine/Pyhrra : A Dawn caste lady-Achilles sword+shield fighter for DigitalSentience's game in the West.
  • Onine/Fuchicco : A Twilight inventor and wind priestess I created for a game that never flew, she is my favourite creation.
  • Onine/Ire : The older, embittered version of Fuchicco created for Andrix's game Rising Dark.


  • [[[Onine/Cynis]] Orchid]] : Probably the best most short lived character I played. My first male character, and also my first stab at a hedonist criminal.
  • [[[Onine/Sesus]] Frei]] : A social monster and unerring perfectionist under the wing of The Slug, Sesus Nagezzer.





Porcelain Child

The Realm, once the bastion of civilization in Creation is now falling to civil war. With the Scarlet Empress gone from her throne, her dragonblooded brood now lock their horns together in a savage battle for the throne as the pillars of the Realm's stability crumble and topple around them. The puppet Regent cowers, unable to excersise his granted powers in the face of the Exalted melee - the greatest land in creation now spirals ever closer to open war.

The anathema birth closer and close to the Imperial Mountain and the Wyld Hunts grow lax in the heated melting pot of the Realm's political struggle for dominance. The Empire's many enemies begin to amass in legion at her shores seeking her heart in the time of weakness. As alliances are made and broken, a strange brotherhood of convenience and idealism is born under the icon of the Dragonwrath, sacred sword of the Elemental Dragons, said to bear the power to unite the Terrestrial Exalted as one.

After five years of self-exile in the Threshold a lone magistrate returns at last to his homeland to take up his duty as a peacemaker once again. Seeking archons to aid him in his continued struggle he must return the realm as a symbol of justice and stability it once was. With little or no hope for peace left, the mortal inhabitants of the Blessed Isle must place their hopes in unlikely heroes to deliver them from evil and restore the peace and stability of the Empire...

  • Porcelain Child - The primary section where the logs and character information for the Tale of the Porcelain Child

Bounty of the Seas

Bounty of the seas is a Solars game that I joined way back in the day. At the time Mark (DigitalSentience) and Alex (MeiRen) were co-running the game and it t'were the bomb! Then Mark moved on and the game slept for a while, and Alex returned to restore the glory, and once more it t'were the bomb! Lastly Alex has moved on from the ST's chair and I take the helm of Storyteller for the final tale of Bounty of the Seas!

Bounty of the Seas It can be found here!


Porcelain Child Related Fiction


The very fact of the matter is, I have a massive playlist array for exalted, Exalted - Atmosphere, Exalted - Battles, etc. Its easy just to load up the playlist when I want a certain feel. But what DO I listen to for Exalted? Lots of things! Allow me to list a few greats that just mesh together with Exalted.

Joe Hisashi - This guy is the composer for Hayao Miyazaki's fantastic movies. I'm mostly using Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away for my games.
Joe Hisashi : The Dragon Boy - This one needs a special mention because its so good.
Satao Naoki : Sadame - This is the theme for the Solar Exalted to me.
Glenn Stafford : Human 1X - Despite the dull title, this little Warcraft3 tune is the song for the ashes of Meru. Also fits a Denandsor trip!
Taku Iwasaki : Wars of the Last Wolves - This one aptly named for the last remnants of the Night Caste at the fall of the First Age.
Michiru Oshima : Way Home - From the FMA Soundtrack, this song is both sad and glorious. Featured when I said goodbye to a particularly dear NPC.
Michiru Oshima : Brothers(Vocal) - Also a FMA track, this one is just beautiful.
Dolce Triade : Chivalry Spirits - A really good 'preparing for an unwinnable battle' song.
Junichi Nakatsuru : Hubris - A haunting melody for the superior exalt!
Junichi Nakatsuru : Into the Whirlwind - The name says it all.
Haibane Renmei : Free Bird - Just pretty.
El Hazard 2 : Theme - I still havent decided what I would use this one for, I just like it a lot.
Rio Hamamoto : Guided by Wind - This one works as a theme song for a particularly angst free good character with a touch of cute.
Star Trek : Picard Flute Solo - Dont ask where I got this, but its darn nice.
Escaflowne - This is a good soundtrack for exalted, a lot of high power songs and some nice choir stuff.
House of the Flying Daggers - Some very good atmospheric stuff in here, great for inspiration for badass battle locales.


Xiao Lien and Whimsical Lizard 4 Evah! - A&L