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Dance of the Hungry Razor Spirit (10 motes, 2 willpower)
Savage Shade Style (1 mote)
The Abyssal counts successes twice for the purpose of determining damage
Slashing Ghost Talon (1 mote)
The character regains 1 mote for every health level of damage inflicted plus any motes absorbed by an attuned soulsteel weapon.
Glorious Carnage Typhoon (8 motes, 1 Willpower)
So long as the character hits her target and does damage, she may immediately make another attack at her full dice pool. Each attack must have a different victim and the Exalt can move no more than her Melee in yards between targets. The charm lasts until the Abyssal misses or runs out of targets within reach.
When the Dance is invoked, the Abyssal begins a flowing, razor edged assault on a group of targets, streaming trails of blood and Essence like the unraveled threads of a tattered shroud and draining the lifeforce of the dying in her wake. The Dance is a true terror in mass combat, allowing a single deathknight to scythe through legions of soldiers and glut on their Essence as they die.

Example: Hungry Razor Shadow (Dexterity 4, Melee 5) faces 25 elite Guild mercenaries who have ambushed his circle in a small mountain pass. He spends 10 motes and 2 Willpower to invoke the Dance and makes his first attack, rolling 16 dice (Melee pool 9+ Daiklaive specialty 2+ Reaper Daiklaive 5) for 8 successes, plus the base damage is 15L, for 7 successes which is then doubled to 14L, more than enough to artfully dispatch a Dragon-Blood, much less a mortal. The lead mercenary goes down in a splash of gore and his spirit is absorbed by the Abyssal’s blade, delivering 3 motes to the deathknight, two of which are spent to activate the next attack, gaining the Exalt one mote per death. Against these mortals the slaughter will continue as the Exalt completes the Dance, devouring soul after soul until the pass is littered with bleeding corpses. Hungry Razor Shadow has just dispatched 25 mortals and gained 15 motes of Essence in a single turn at the cost of 2 Willpower.

Vengeful Spectre Defense (3 Motes, 1 Willpower)
Vengeful Riposte (1 mote)
The Abyssal counts extra successes on a parry as a Melee attack against the aggressor.
Fluttering Moth Defense (2 motes)
The character may parry one attack with his full Dexterity + Melee pool.
This Combo allows the character to exact instant revenge on anyone foolish enough to attack him. Ghostly afterimages of the Abyssal’s weapon stream behind his attack as he aims a savage blow to the weapon hand or limb of his attacker.

Example: Hungry Razor Shadow (Dexterity 4, Melee 5) is attacked by a young Solar warrior who rolls 6 successes on his attack roll. Shadow activates Vengeful Spectre Defense, paying 3 motes and 1 Willpower, making an immediate parry roll at his full 9 dice. He is incredibly lucky, scoring 9 successes, and thus making a 3 die automatic counterattack that cannot be dodged or parried without magic against his opponent.


Ravenous Blood-God Assault (6+ Motes, 1 Willpower)
Ravaging Strike (1 mote)
The Abyssal counts extra successes on a single Brawl attack twice for the purposes of determining damage.
Scouring Erosion Method (1 mote per soak reduction)
The character may spend motes to reduce the soak of his target for a single attack, to a minimum of the target’s permanent Essence.
Blood-Drinking Palm (2 motes)
A single Brawl attack does lethal damage. The Abyssal also regains one mote of Essence for each point of raw, presoak damage, up to the victim’s Stamina+Essence.
Crimson Waterfall Attack (2 motes)
Lethal attacks bleed profusely, incurring a difficulty penalty to stop the bleeding equal to (the Abyssal’s permanent Essence - the victim’s permanent Essence). Victims also suffer one unsoakable level of lethal damage every minute.

This devastating attack let’s an Abyssal harness the tainted Essence of the Underworld, imbuing his hands with the ravenous, necrotic energies of the hungry dead. A black-veined crimson corona envelopes the deathknight’s hands, allowing him to open hideous, bleeding wounds on an opponent and drain the Essence from the rapidly flowing vitae

Example: Crushing Arms of the Abyss (Dexterity 5, Brawl 5, Essence 4), a Dusk Caste gladiator, faces the Lunar pit fighter Crimson Bull in the arena. Crushing Arms leads his first attack with the Ravenous Blood-God Assault, paying 16 motes and 1 Willpower to activate the combo, reducing the mighty beastman’s formidable soak from 12 to 2, the Lunar’s permanent Essence score. The Abyssal rolls 11 dice (Brawl pool 10 + 1 acc bonus), gaining 5 successes. The Lunar offers no defense, trusting in his rugged hide. The extra 5 successes are doubled to 10, plus the 5 base damage for the punch add up to 15L in damage, which pan out 6 successes, and six motes. The Lunar’s minimum soak will reduce this to 4L, but he’s now badly bleeding, losing a health level to lethal damage every minute, and must make a Stamina roll at difficulty 3 to stop the bleeding. Perhaps he should have learned to regenerate before growing that rugged hide.