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Immortal Kombat - Match 6

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Requiem for a Dream (Earth Dragon Style)


Hestia (Crystal Chameleon Style)

Match rules:

Competitors started standing back to back in an Imperial Bathhouse. They each had Deadly Beastman Transformation and the Form Charm of their respective styles activated. The room is warm and steamy. Clustered in small groups lie various nobles, bureaucrats and other well-to-do citizens in various states of towel and nudity.
Full Essence 3 character build (including all Artifacts) allowed.
To the death(ish).

Tick -1

Requiem for a Dream and Hestia Join Battle!

RfaD gets 5 successes! Alas, Hestia only gets 0.

Tick 0

RfaD seizes the initiative and activates his Torment of Stone Combo! A blinding flash of light and then small rocks, pebbles and tiles rip themselves from the baths and into orbit around the large horny Lunar. His massive fist arcs through the rubble in a circle to come crashing into the silver and purple tigress behind him.

Oh no! Hestia has activated her Peek-a-boo! Combo! Ladies and gentlemen, what is going on?

RfaD misses the quick-thinking tigress by less than a whisker, but that's enough. Her counter attack is fast, furious and frightening! Before the rhino-man can blink she is behind him and stabbing her Vajra into his legs back and neck, surrounded by a shattered crystalline blaze of light.

Caught by surprise, RfaD is unable to defend, but his armour and toughness reduce all of Hestia's attacks to mere scratches.

Hestia got 8 successes for establishing Surprise. First attack gets 8 successes against 0DV for.. Ping! (2HL). Second attack strikes deep with 9 successes against 0DV for... Ping! (0HL). Third attack cuts through several neck muscles to leave a bloody gash with 12 successes against 0DV for... 5 damage dice! (4HL).

Hestia's anima flares into an iconic purple and silver tiger with long plaited mane.

(Hestia Speed 5 DV -1) (RfaD Speed 5 DV -1, 6HL)

Tick 1

Tick 2

Tick 3

Tick 4

Tick 5

Simultaneously Hestia activates Stepping Beyond light Prana and moves to the wall away from RfaD guarding warily, while the rhino Lunar drops into a guarding stance and blinks from the blazing light show, unable to clearly spot his dangerous foe.

(Hestia Speed 3, DV -0) (RfaD Speed 3 DV -0)

Tick 6

Tick 7

Tick 8

Another simultaneous action! RfaD keeps his guard up as he manages to just barely spot the tiger woman amidst the glare and haze.

Hestia edges closer to try and get another rear attack upon the rhino man.

(Hestia Speed 3, DV -0) (RfaD Speed 3 DV -0)

Tick 9

Tick 10

Tick 11

More simultaneous action! Hestia activates Razor-Edges Prism Attack! RfaD tries to parry by slamming his mighty goremaul into the ground causing shards of time and rock to blast outwards, but to no avail.

Hestia gets 10 successes vs 7DV, 9 successes vs 6DV and 8 successes vs 5DV for a grand total of 1HL, 1HL and 0HL.

Oh no she has barely scratched her foe, and he looks angry! He starts to chuckle and uses his goremaul to swing mightily at her head... but misses!

(Hestia Speed 5 DV -1) (RfaD Speed 5 DV -1, 2HL)

Tick 12

Tick 13

Tick 14

Tick 15

Tick 16

Once again the Exalts act simultaneously!

Hestia grabs a hapless naked bureaucrat by his long braided pony tail and swings him at RfaD.

RfaD activates his Torment of Stone Combo again! He slams his goremaul into the tiles beneath their feet flinging shards flying into the steamy air around them, then swings his weapon into the shards with a mighty crack to drive the chips of ceramic and stone deep into his foe, while also batting away the screaming bureaucrat!

Hestia scoffs and steps into the goremaul's path!?!?!?!

Ladies and gentlemen, we need to see this again, in slow motion!

Hestia scoffs at this tree sized hunk of essence fueled metal and stone, declaring she can take it on her chin, and also the rhino man's mother was of ill-repute, and steps into the goremaul's path!

With a deafening CRACK, the goremaul connects with Hestia's feline face, leaving it a rubble-strewn ruin of blood and fur. She is knocked back several yards and onto the ground. Crystalline shards of earth essence start to cocoon her limbs, trapping her with the stillness of stone...

(Hestia Inactive for 11 Speed 5 actions, 11HL) (RfaD Speed 5 DV -1)

Tick 17

Tick 18

Tick 19

Tick 20

Tick 21

Requiem stands over the helpless Lunar woman and brings his goremaul down upon her head with a giant overhand smash, activating Stillness of Stone again.

(Hestia Inactive for 10 actions + 6 more actions, 6HL) (RfaD Speed 5 DV -1)

Tick 22

Tick 23

Tick 24

Tick 25

Tick 26

With a smile and casual contempt, RfaD does it again, inflicting a further 9 health levels and 9 Inactive actions.

Tick 27

Requiem for a Dream wins!


Everything fades to white, but there remains a feeling of stunned silence over a large crowd... Faintly, the sound of a single female voice can be heard cheering for Requiem for a Dream and then all goes quiet.

Comments from the Peanut Gallery

I remain stunned. Funny story, would you believe Hestia's player had no clue just what exactly a goremaul was? Or what that particular combo could do? Live and learn eh? :) Up until that... injudicious... decision it seems like the fight could have gone either way. Hestia was hard to spot and could make a few attacks each action to ping spam her opponent to death, while Requiem for a Dream had severe penalties to spot her, let alone hit her, but when he did, it only had to be once or twice. They both had huge amounts of health levels. Wow. I'm still shocked though... :)nikink

Well yea, but for 5m 1w and a grand gore-maul, it's the classic match up from video games... Big, heavy hitting slow guy needs 2-3 clean hits to win. Super fast small girl needs like 50. It's all up in the air till the big guy catches her in a combo. -Sabis

Oh and he did :) I think it was more in Hestia's favour to be honest. RfoD Has terrible accuracy, a little on my own oversights and a little on the type of build I was going for (HL + Mote Battery), so the longer the fight was going to go for the more hits/damage RfoD will have taken. There is the point of hes regen charms but I think had Hestia not taken the goremaul on the chin the ight would have gone her way. - Muzz

Nah. I disagree. Hestia has a couple... one... cool trick, that we've since discovered is implied, though not outright stated, by the RAW as being invalid as used by Hestia. RfaD has several tricks and staying power. It would be close, but I would slightly favour Rhinoman. :) nikink