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Um, stuff will be here at some point... Then stuff was added.

Muzz in a Nutshell
Well lets see. I have been playing for a little while with a pretty awesome gaming group, a group that has seen people come and go and swap between games when the mood seems to strike us, and I have to say they make playing Exalted an exciting experience. Rules wise Im not really one to go too deap into the whole thing and when it comes to flushing out characters I tend to try to stay to just the splat books (although Immortal Kombat was probably the first one I dipped into others for) so my knowledge dosn't really extend too much past that but I have fun anyway. So yeah, Nutshell.

So here are a few of the characters I am currently playing

Player of Scarred in the Promise of Ages game.
Player of Aoshi in the Immortal Kombat game.
Player of Requiem for a Dream in the Immortal Kombat game.
Player of Echoing Silence in the Immortal Kombat game.

Currently in the Works

Martial Arts
Well I've been putting alot of thought into creating my own MA style after playtesting the Storm Crow style developed by Nikink. Its put me in the mood to create something for myself just too see how it all pans out. When I start to get Ideas I'll write 'em down.

Names for MA Style + Vague style idea

Demons Obsidian Fist- Big Slow Hits + Pain Suppression
Jokers Obsession- Tumbles and Rolls

So while thinking about Martial Arts creations, I have found myself thinking about weapons for the Martial Artist to use and as such some ideas have come to mind about Artifacts that would be cool. I figured I would add them here too while I had the ideas fresh in my mind.

Names for Artifacts + Vague Description

Bands of Hate
Choker of Perfect Grace


Yay! One of us! One of us! :) - nikink

Hurrah! - Bencyclopedia

And now I'm here also. Gotta love this magic box. - Muzz