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This is a layout stolen from TrialBySchmendrick to facilitate an On-line Match in ImmortalKombat.

Trial started: Sunday, May 9, 2010 11:00AM PDT
Trial completed:


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Whirlpool of Retribution - Slayer Caste - Water Dragon Style

Aoshi - Endings Caste - Storm Crow Style

1. Full Essence 3 builds allowed.

2. Full Artifacts allowed.

Blank Tick Template

Flavor text describing the events, stunts, etc.

Mechanics of one fighter
Mechanics of another fighter. If a fighter makes an attack, use the attack steps. Second Edition, for example, would be:
  1. Attack specifics, including charm use.
    1. Additional details, like countercharms
    2. Or other responses to the attack made during this step
  2. Defense declaration
  3. Attack roll
  4. Attack reroll
  5. External penalties
  6. Defense reroll
  7. Base damage
  8. Soak
  9. Counterattacks
  10. Result

Arena + Setup

Gem, city of a thousand commotions! Half buried with a long since active volcano, its streets, byways and alleys twist and weave at will from the cool interior of the mountain to the hot dry exterior.

At one of the major entrances to the interior lies a bazaar. Traders from the sands mingle with courtiers from the city nobles, to buy gems and firedust, silks and spices. Rumour has it other, more exotic materials may be acquired, if you know the right people.

Into this open city square of tents and merchants, bounded on all sides by one and two storey white brick buildings appears two Exalts, destined to fight. the alleys leading between the buildings are almost as confusing as those within the mountain, but filled with lines and fabrics, clothing, dyes, skins, tanners and more. Some 300 yards of winding main street leads to the city gates.

The day is hot and bright, and a warm sirocco does nothing to cool tempers.

The Exalts are 27 yards apart.

Standing on the far side of the square, a lithe, small figure dressed in bells with 8 inch claws strapped to her hands whirls excitedly. "Let's get to this! I'm going all out for you! You had better do your best, or we'll never reach true romance on the battlefield!"

From the opposite side a small girl in blue flowing robes fixes the whirling figure a confused stare. "Romance? I'm sorry I don't swing that way. Besides I already have a partner." Spinning a long starmetal Vajra in front of her, the girl takes in a short breath and centers herself.


Tick -1

Whirlpool of Retribution (WR) activates her Exuberant Inversion of Time combo. She spends the maximum amount on Joy in Violence Approach (5m), and activates Fate Rending Desperation. This gives her 5 successes + 3 successes to her join battle roll of 9 dice at difficulty 6. Roll (9): 2,3,4,6,7,7,7,8,9 = 6+8 = 14 success for Join battle.

I spend 10 M and 2 WP, and gain 1 WP back from activating Joy in Violence Approach for the start of combat.

Whirlpool of Retribution Willpower: 6/7
Essence pool: Personal 0 (16) / Peripheral 26 (37) / 16 Personal & 6 Peripheral Committed Health Levels -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap/Dying

Aoshi lets fate dictate her actions, the tell tale hum of battle from the invisible strands that bind all things fill her ears. Secrets of Future Strife gives Aoshi 12 Dice for Join Battle - 1,1,2,2,3,4,7,8,8,8,8,9 = 6 Success (booo!)

Willpower: 6/6
Essence pool: 12 Personal / 33 Peripheral / 0 Personal & 9 Peripheral Committed
Health Levels -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap/Dying

Tick 0

Whirling and skidding as she weaves her way through the crowd, she adopts a flowing set of kata and draws in the essence of what little water is in this town. WR adopts Water Dragon Form and starts advancing through the crowd. (Speed 5, DV -1) Next Action Tick 5. "Let our love bring us closer together, so that we may dance in joy and blood!"

WR advances on her opponent for 5 ticks, closing the distance as necessary, and begins circling counter clockwise, her motions forming a 25 pointed star around her opponent, defining her range.

Whirlpool of Retribution Willpower: 6/7
Essence pool: Personal 0 (16) / Peripheral 21 (37) / 16 Personal & 11 Peripheral Committed Health Levels -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap/Dying Soak: 22/21/9 Hardness: 5/5/0

Distance: -5

Tick 1

Distance: -5

Tick 2

Distance: -5

Tick 3

Distance: -5

Tick 4

Distance: -5

Tick 5

WR begins to increase her pace, dashing forward at an unbelivable pace, racing along people and ground to reach her opponent. (Activates Death Dealing Journey) DV -0, Speed 3, Next action Tick 8 Distance: -20

Tick 6

Distance: -20

Tick 7

Distance: -20

Tick 8

Simultaneous Actions!

Swirling at blinding speeds around her opponent, the bells melody slowly builds it's cadence, the crowd enthralled and confused by the blur of movement. Stepping along the chests and bodies of the widening circle of spectators, she pulls herself tight into a line crossing the circle and intersecting her opponent's form. With a shock and thrash of discord like a tsunami finding shore, she reaches fondly for her opponent's face, a pair of gentle caresses sheathed in corrupted jade claws. "Why do you spurn my advances? That will only make me desire you more..."

Distance: -20

Mechanics: Two attacks with my claws @ 23 and 22 dice, + Stunt I'll give you 2 die for stunt.

Aoshi takes a shallow breath, her blue eyes emotionless as she watches the movements of her opponent, her Javra in front of her as she takes guard. Flaring out with her arms, Aoshi moves to parry the attack with her Javra, essence exploding around her as with a quick flourish she pushes herself away from Whirlpool of Retribution. Like a snowflake in the breeze Aoshi sails away safely out of distance, a light blue glow illuminating from her skin.

2 dice for that, I like the imagery. Final DV is 11 -Sabis

Mechanics: Guard for my action (Speed 3 -0DV). Defensive action is to activate Gale-Riding Meditation. Grants MA to DV Calculation (I'm Choosing Parry for a +2 to total giving Aoshi a final total of 9DV.) Then in Step 10 Aoshi is moved up to MA+Ess in yards away from the attacker. Thats 8 Yards.

Does Whirlpool get to continue her 2nd attack? If she's making a haphazard star design around Aoshi, logic says that Aoshi is in the middle of the radius, so 10 yards from the edge, where Whirlpool starts on this tick. Takes 10 yards to get to her, that leaves 10 yards of range to keep going, so I can keep up w/ Aoshi (who moves 8 yards), right? I'm going to roll with that assumption, and you can make a change in your defense/charm choice if you thought it broke my flurry. This is a transparent combat system, so if something dosen't work the way you think it does, you get to know before you get knocked around. -Sabis

The distance between the two characters was 20 right? That means that the radius would have been 20 I'm fairly sure. So to land your second attack you need to cover a distance of 28 yards. Thats how I see it anyway, considering you were keeping a distance of 20. (Unless you just didn't change the distance between ticks.) - Muzz

We can let it be that way for now, that's no problem, since it wasn't clearly defined. For future reference, as we do this, Aoshi is 8 yards away at the end of the tick. Assuming she doesn't start moving, Whirlpool will be making a 25 point star around her, making her the center, and maintaining a distance between them of about 10 yards at the end of each tick. This is one of those things I wish we were both there for so we could use a battle map. And with that, I believe it's your action this tick? (Next simultaneous action, you can declare first) -Sabis

Ah yes, forgot to keep track of that.... will change description of action to fill that in.

Aoshi - Recovered 4m from stunt
Willpower: 6/6
Essence pool: 12 Personal / 33 Peripheral / 0 Personal & 9 Peripheral Committed / 0(0) Personal & 0(4) Peripheral Spent
Health Levels -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap/Dying

  1. Attack One!
    1. Nope
    2. None
  2. Parry, Charm
  3. Attack roll: (25)(Diff 6) 6,6,8,4,4,2,2,8,6,3,7,8,8,9,2,0,3,1,4,9,2,2,1,7,7 = 14 Sux
  4. No reroll
  5. DV 11
  6. No Reroll
  7. Base damage = 11L (8L +3 Acc)
  8. Soak 10L = Min Essence
  9. No Counterattacks
  10. Damage Roll (3) = (0,2,3) -1 Damage for Star Metal Armour = 0L Damage
  1. Attack Two! (Failed due to range)

Whirlpool of Retribution (Recovering 4M from Stunts)

Willpower: 6/7
Essence pool: Personal 0 (16) / Peripheral 25 (37) / 16 Personal & 11 Peripheral Committed / 0 Personal & 1(5) Peripheral Spent Health Levels -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap/Dying Soak: 22/21/9 Hardness: 5/5/0

DV -2 Speed 4 Next Action tick 12

Tick 9

Distance : 11 Yards (Dashing at angles to get to/maintain 10 yard difference, unless you are moving, in which case I adjust to keep 10 yard distance)

Tick 10

Distance : 10 Yards

Tick 11

Distance : 10 Yards

Landing softly on her toes, Aoshi fixes WR with a cold stare. "Enough talk." She says coolly before reaching back, her Javra in her hand. Around Aoshi's Javra blue essence begins to from and crystallize like frost. The sky seems to darken and the mood of the spectators seems to become hushed, tension fills the area for a moment and despite the bells on WR's armour all is silent. Then in a flash Aoshi takes a step forward and thrusts towards WR with the Javra, the sound of crows explode quickly followed by a sonic boom as Aoshi's attack breaks the sound barrier. The crystal essence around the Javra explodes and a blinding light erupts around the point of impact. The sky seems to open and for a second WR is one with the universe, all of heaven seems to be within her grasp and then..... nothing. The light and sound disappears as quickly as it happened, the moment passed. Standing infront of WR is Aoshi, her Anima flaring. Crows made of essence wrap themselves around her in a display of aerial acrobatics. The blue glow around her, once faint, now shines brilliantly, broken at random intervals by flashes of white.

Woo neat, 3 dice! =) -Sabis

Squealing with excitement, Whirlpool seems the be slowed for only a scant second, and then seems to become more energized, knowing that this pain is part of the love she is receiving from her partner. Her squeal giving out into a throaty moan, she gasps out: "Give it to me! Show me more! Give more of yourself! Give it all until you're MINE!" Her anima flares, muting the murmur of the crowd slightly, making her voice stand out all the more as she draws the power of the blow deep into the core of her essence and then snuffs it out as the waves snuff out all fire. Yet fire still burns, and she coughs lightly, delicately, a drop of blood dripping down the corner of her mouth.

Mechanics: Aoshi activates her Combo.

Heaven Splitting Moment (16m 2w)
Fateful M/A Ex (4m 1w), Heaven-Drenching Rainfall Blow (7m), Heaven-Crossing Lightning Strike (5m)


WR continues to dash, and activates Bottomless Depths Defense (5m 1aHl)
  1. Fateful M/A Ex (All Die to hit become Successes) HDRB (Attack enhanced by this Charm ignores the target's Armour when determining Soak.) HCLS (Unexpected Attack which can be defended against only by Charms which permit characters to avoid attacks of which they are not aware, or by characters with Charm-enhanced vision.)
  2. None
  3. None
  4. Defense declaration
  5. Attack roll
  6. Attack reroll
  7. External penalties
  8. Defense reroll
  9. Base damage
  10. WR Activates Bottomless Depths Defense
  11. Counterattacks
  12. Result

Aoshi -
Willpower: 5/6
Essence pool: 12 Personal / 33 Peripheral / 0 Personal & 9 Peripheral Committed / 0(0) Personal & 16(20) Peripheral Spent
Health Levels -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap/Dying

Next Action Tick 16 DV -2 (-1 Attack -1 HCLS)

Whirlpool of Retribution
Willpower: 6/7
Essence pool: Personal 0 (16) / Peripheral 20 (37) / 16 Personal & 11 Peripheral Committed / 0 Personal & 6-stunt(10) Peripheral Spent
Health Levels: */-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap/Dying

Tick 12

I'm typing this now, i hope Nikink doesn't mind changing the scenery on tick 13 instead of 12, as I wana get in some killing while Muzz is around.

All good, will add some flavour at the bottom of this tick. nikink :)

The taste of iron in her mouth, the crowd screeching, her bells swirling in melody, her eyes suddenly light up and her face distends into a maddened wide mouthed smile. "This is IT! It's time to claim you! Finally!" She races forward, the still falling clouds of dust from the thunderclap split to either side of her like a ship plowing through waves, leaving a rippling wake behind her. Just as she closes with her love, she seems to shimmer and blur, and at once, she is everywhere. A multitude of Whirlpools wash over Aoshi in a bladed frenzy. A pair of her crouch low, skidding along the ground until she reaches Aoshi's feet, and leap up and over with a twist, spinning at impossible speeds and leaving a trail of paper cuts up the front of her robes. Another circles around, dragging her claws down an arm. Another dances lightly up the length of her Vajra, with each step lashing down into a finger, a thumb, a forearm, a shoulder. Another slides under her legs, lashing out at ankles. Finally a sweet embrace glides gently down across her chest from shoulder to hip, around her other side, and then twirls past.

In an instant, it's over, and the multitude of forms flow back into one on the far side of Aoshi, moving away, a tear in her eye that she must depart her lover once more, a green sunset marking her passage.

Mechanics: Whirlpool activates Self As Cyclone Stance (4m 1w) and makes a flurry of 6 attacks (rate 3 pair of claws). Spd 4 DV -1

Whirlpool of Retribution
Willpower: 5/7
Essence pool: Personal 0 (16) / Peripheral 15 (37) / 16 Personal & 11 Peripheral Committed / 0 Personal & 10-stunts(14) Peripheral Spent
Health Levels: */-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap/Dying

Got bored of waiting, so seeing how this all turns out in this set. Assuming 2 die stuns on both sides.

  1. Attack One!
    1. Nope
    2. None
  2. Parry, Charm
  3. Attack roll: (27)(Diff 6) 9,9,3,2,3,9,5,4,4,2,8,3,4,6,7,2,7,8,0,4,4,0,6,9,8,5 = 15 Sux
  4. No reroll
  5. DV 7 (Base, -2 Penalty, +2 Stunt)
  6. No Reroll
  7. Base damage = 16L (8L +8 Acc)
  8. Soak 10L = 6 Dice
  9. No Counterattacks
  10. Damage Roll (6) = (1,1,3,8,8,9) -1 Damage for Star Metal Armour = 2L Damage
  1. Attack Two!
    1. Nope
    2. None
  2. Parry, Charm
  3. Attack roll: (26)(Diff 6) 5,5,9,5,7,4,6,3,5,4,3,6,0,3,9,7,6,0,0,2,3,8,9,8,1,6 = 17 Sux
  4. No reroll
  5. DV 5 (Onslaught) (-1 Wound Penalty)
  6. No Reroll
  7. Base damage = 19L (8L +12 Acc)
  8. Soak 10L = 10 Dice
  9. No Counterattacks
  10. Damage Roll (10) = (5,0,3,4,7,5,0,6,8,1) -1 Damage for Star Metal Armour = 3L Damage
  1. Attack Three!
    1. Nope
    2. None
  2. Parry, Charm
  3. Attack roll: (25)(Diff 6) 2,8,2,4,7,9,0,3,1,2,7,4,4,3,6,8,9,8,4,1,7,4,8,3,3 = 12 Sux
  4. No reroll
  5. DV 3 (Onslaught) (-2 Wound Penalty)
  6. No Reroll
  7. Base damage = 17L (8L +9 Acc)
  8. Soak 10L = 7 Dice
  9. No Counterattacks
  10. Damage Roll (7) = (8,5,7,2,9,9,2) -1 Damage for Star Metal Armour = 3L Damage
  1. Attack Four!
    1. Nope
    2. None
  2. Parry, Charm
  3. Attack roll: (24)(Diff 6) 2,5,6,0,7,3,4,8,8,6,0,8,0,6,6,6,4,0,5,4,0,2,8 = 20 Sux
  4. No reroll
  5. DV 0 (Onslaught) (-4 wound penalty, if still alive)
  6. No Reroll
  7. Base damage = 28L (8L +20 Acc)
  8. Soak 10L = 18 Dice
  9. No Counterattacks
  10. Damage Roll (18) = (7,4,3,5,5,5,7,7,7,1,1,1,7,8,7,8,9,9) -1 Damage for Star Metal Armour = 8L Damage
  1. Attack Five!
    1. Nope
    2. None
  2. Parry, Charm
  3. Attack roll: (23)(Diff 6)
  4. No reroll
  5. DV 3 (Onslaught)
  6. No Reroll
  7. Base damage = L (8L + Acc)
  8. Soak 10L = Min Essence
  9. No Counterattacks
  10. Damage Roll Too many
  1. Attack Six!
    1. Nope
    2. None
  2. Parry, Charm
  3. Attack roll: (22)(Diff 6)
  4. No reroll
  5. DV 2 (Onslaught)
  6. No Reroll
  7. Base damage = L (8L + Acc)
  8. Soak 10L = Min Essence
  9. No Counterattacks
  10. Damage Roll Too Many

Distance : 10 Yards

As the Exalts battle and mortals scream and flee in panic from the area, the sky dims slightly, and above the sounds of panic and despair can be heard an eerie wail...


Tick 13

Tick 14

Tick 15

Tick 16

Tick 17

Tick 18


Home player

Away player

Even if Fateful Excellency is activated, the onslaught penalties are ridiculous over the course of the six attacks... i don't know how Aoshi could possibly deal with that barrage. I think this concludes our match nicely. Also, it's been over a month... so yea. =)

Thoughts: Okies, Hauberk of bells should be outlawed as well, along w/ PCB's. 5 dice to offense and defense is prolly too good.

Outside of that tho, Whirlpool can still throw around huge die pools because of Water Dragon form and good accuracy on the claws. Did not get to use my mote bankrupting combo, but that also would have done Aoshi in, as the bad touch effects in addition to the normal damage (assuming i hit with the attacks) would be at least 6L unsoakable, leaving her at her -4 and in bad shape to continue.

Water dragon form is still a superior MA form, espically after the Air Dragon form nerf (only applies to MA attacks, not all ranged, so no longer makes Firewands awesome).

Adjorn movement and Inish charms are really really good... Outside of the whole murkiness on when the dashing is neccessary, they're still awesome, and hey, free willpower for a join battle combo. 2 if i'm talking first. Awesome. Loom Snarling Deception making all TN's at 6 is a straight up 10% increase in Join Battle, Attack and (by extension) Damage efficiency, and that's awesome. --Sabis


Initial Negotiations

We should agree on a location. I'm fine anywhere. I think a town would be cool. =) -Sabis

I'm happy for a town. I also agree with Nikink, Gem would be ideal. Muzz

Player Chat

Ok, your first action is to use Water Dragon Form or to dash, Because you cant do both. Water Dragon is a simple charm, and because its a simple charm "characters can activate only such magic as their sole action on a tick when they are permitted to act." (p142 of main rules). Dash is not a reflexive action,(p143 of main rules) which means it does not fall under the clause "Actions designated as reflexive may have a defense penalty, but they are speed zero because they can be performed on any tick. (Even if the character does not or cannot take any other actions)" (P141 of main rules) You can move towards me however as move is a reflexive action, but thats going to mean you move a lot slower and close a lot less distance but considering its only 27 yards and your move is 5 your going to do it with more then enough ticks to spare anyway. At tick 5 we will be 2 yard apart if you go in a straight line (if my maths serves). Considering you want to circle around Aoshi though I'm expecting you will not want to get that close.- Muzz

But But But i have these charms that say i can!: MoeP Infernals 138: Windborn Stride: "First, dashing carries a DV of -0...". MoeP Infernals 139: Death Dealing Journey: "The infernal may dash reflexively each tick as though taking Move actions, enabling him to dash and take other actions without requiring a flurry." I did however misread this charm, as tho it is indef, it states it deactivates at speed less than max. I'm shifting a BP (reducing my Dodge Spec by 2) to make Death Dealing Journey part of my Exuberant Inversion of Time combo. As I started the battle with the motes already committed, this doesn't change anything as far as current game state goes. Also, you can move closer/away during ticks before your initial action, just can't do anything else but activate reflexive charms. This could change our relative distances... but I don't think enough to matter. =) By circling, I mean spinning around you like you're at the center of a whirlpool, like a shark circles prey. Also she could not want to be more up close and personal with you. -Sabis

Sorry about how long that reply took, RL caught up with me something fierce. - Muzz

Not a problem at all. RL is way more important than a silly game. =) - Sabis

Waiting on stunt assignments in tick 11 and 12, and defense deceleration/stunt in tick 12, then rolling. -Sabis

Observer Comments

I vote fighting in Gem. It's a good place for a commotion. :) nikink

I'ma Agreable to that. Wana write us an intro? =)

Aoshi had no chance of winning that Join Battle roll. Wow! Adorjan Charms are fast. :) nikink

Well I wouldn't say no chance but it was definitely going to take an ungodly roll to beat it. Alot of 10's........ Muzz
Bah! My hyperbole knows no bounds!!! :) nikink

I don't have the book handy, but I'm pretty sure Death Dealing Journey is a velocity charm, which means you actually have to be traveling faster than your Move distance to activate it, which means therefore you have to spend an action Dashing before you can activate it (and then don't slow down). nikink

Velocity states that, after activating it, i must maintain a minimum speed. "If the character spends longer than 1 tick moving slower than the limit...". It's not a requirement to activate, it's a requirement to maintain. And after re-reading that part, I guess running in circles is specifically disallowed, so I'll be circling by strafing in a star pattern. But I liked the whirlpool imagery. =(-Sabis

I think the running in circles is part of the specific intention and imagery of the Adorjan charmset. But in response to DDJ question I have asked on the WW Forum for clarification and found this previous DDJ analysis:

The answer to your question lies in the other parts of the stat-block. It's reflexive, but also indefinite and carrying the velocity keyword. The charm automatically deactivates (and hence, can't be activated in the first place) if you're moving at less than dashing speed, and to start moving at dashing speed, you have to initiate a dash on your action tick. You can't start dashing at any other time. Basically, because of the way the charm is worded, it only changes the way your dashes work once you're already dashing. It doesn't change the way you invoke them.
If it didn't, Adorjan wouldn't be the silent wind, always moving. Instead, she'd be the crazy person who occasionally runs around a lot.

- nikink

Ahh... well... that's info that would have been useful to have in the actual book... =) So, I'll have to start dashing after activating water dragon form. Still more than enough time to cover 27 yards. Reverting to previous build because i can't apparently activate that charm during the initiative tick. (As i can't be dashing before that... i think.) Either way, this is more advantageous for my opponent. Let's see how it goes. =) I've updated to fix, everything should be kosher now.
As a note, i just checked the thread, and there's been no official wording. RAW, the way I was doing it was fine (Activate DDJ, and then dash as of next tick) as per the keyword I've not spent longer than one tick moving less than max speed, I've spent 1 tick doing that, so the charm does not deactivate. I'm ready to go on w/ the battle as is, (as it favors my opponent this way) tho i would like an actual final answer for future battles. So, when do I get to have a battle where I don't invoke quirky rules interactions? -Sabis
Probably never. Damn rules and their murkiness! :) Nephilpal has seen the thread and will hopefully make a ruling today/tomorrow, which would be awesome. If DDJ does work the way you used it, then HULK will probably pick it up for Ess5 build - the reason he didn't take it was due to the other way it may work. I'm kinda glad that each match so fare has generated such large discussions and such. The goal of learning the system is being accomplished! :) nikink PS: On tick 12 there will be an alteration to the environment, don't get freaked out, it's for lulz and isn't designed to affect the outcome of this match, so run (no pun) with it as stunt fodder. It'll make more sense later (need to type up some other Matches) :)