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Hi. I'm a student at Georgia Tech, though I'm working at a coop job right now, and a player in a couple of IRC games. I first was introduced to Exalted as I was searching for a system for a completely different setting. Managed to browse the book in a bookstore, wasn't impressed. Then I borrowed the corebook from a friend and took a closer look. And was hooked.


Verdant "Forge" Talon, aka Forge, Twilight Caste Solar Exalted in DariusSolluman's Tinalion campaign.

Ledaal Keran : Ledaal Keran, Character in a Dragon-Blooded IRC game.

Iselsi Amadan, Agent of the All-Seeing Eye and the Wyld Hunt. Character in a Dragon-Blooded IRC game. (retired)

Verdant Waves, Wyld warder Twilight. PC for BountyOfTheSeas, run by DigitalSentience. (I moved his character sheet here).


TheMyriadOfShades/CharmTheory An excellent essay on the nature of Charms for each type of Exalt, and the reason I even have a links section. Read it.