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Duty & Honour - The Dragon-Blooded Shogunate

The following document is what has been produced from an initial desire to create a set of character generation rules to run a game set during the latter years of the Shogunate. It has ballooned quite dramatically into the thousands of words scattered across the pages below, and at the time of writing there is still much to be done.

I have seperated it into a few sub-pages, the sheer size of the project has rendered that necessary. Please direct any comments on the project as a whole to the bottom of this page, since the others are still in various stages of construction.

Records of Times Past

The Mighty Shogunate
Containing a potted history of the post-Usurpation world, a whistle-stop tour of Creation and an examination of the status quo.
Wonders of the Shogunate
Containing a variety of artefacts (and eventually Charms and other such tools), known during the latter First Age, but rare or unknown during the Age of Sorrows.
The Power Of the Dragons
Containing the method and means by which characters for the late Shogunate can be created.
Soldiers of the Shogun
Containing short descriptions of the warriors that could be readily (or not so readily) found in battle. Not all of them are human, or even alive.


Oooh, the Shogunate. This may greatly have my interest. :) -ScrambledValkyrie

I had just thought about running a Shogunate game...and then I find this. Do some more! ;) - BlackFlame

Excellent work so far. I just started working on my own take on the Shogunate for my local game. - Grimjaws