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As a sidenote, this springs from my history of Creation also on file. Note the "at least 80% uncanon!" point therein.

All Primordials are too grand for their souls to be contained in a single vessel. Gaia possesses but five, and these are known and unknown--for the names of the Immaculate Dragons are folk-things and half-truths. The truest names are oft unspoken, for they draw upon the power of Gaia who is unbound and ever-present--the mightiest sorceries trap these names within other words and shaping of Essence to guide them into true might, but even the mightiest Exalts run the risk of death or worse in giving voice to these names alone.

Each sits in slumber and meditation and repose at their pole, and such is their power that even the Unshaped grow hesitant at drawing near. Each is surrounded in turn by five attendants, five souls of souls. Each once possessed seven, but all have lost their Messenger souls, and the West and East have lost their Warden souls in addition. Each has failed to replace these souls, and such reasonings are known only to their own hearts.

Only one of their own souls comprises the five attendants surrounding each, for the other four are sent to the others, thus maintaining the infinitely complex weave of Essence that was formed in the beginning.

One-to-one, They are mightier things than the souls of the souls of the Yozis, for they are unchained, and within Creation they draw strength from Gaia herself.


Attending the Great Dragon of Air, Whose Name Bears Forests Into The Clouds

Laksandr, Defining Soul of Air, the Tempest of Thought
Lapis, Wisdom Soul of Earth, whom Munaxes Curses
Innakanti, Expressive Soul of Fire, Who Preaches the Rightness of Creation
Libharant, Indulgent Soul of Water, who Cries for Challenge
Dang'lan, Reflective Soul of Wood

And his Warden Soul is Umborodom, whose Hound is the Thunder

Attending the Great Dragon of Earth, Whose Name Stills All Things

Skarl, Indulgent Soul of Air, Whose Caverns Will Ever Echo the Perfect Note of Luna
Tintaggon, Defining Soul of Earth, Who Stands Strong and Patient
Mung, Reflective Soul of Fire, Who Loved Saturn
Radamanthys, Expressive Soul of Water, whose Will Shall Be Done
Eden, Wisdom Soul of Wood, Who Cultivates All Things Green and Growing

And his Warden Soul is Kukla, who slumbers.

Attending the Great Dragon of Fire, Whose Name Burns That Which Hears

Khalax, Reflective Soul of Air, Who Dazzles All Senses
Abrette, Indulgent Soul of Earth, Who Is Not Stirred
Alasshanyi, Defining Soul of Fire, the World-Tested
Yagate, Wisdom Soul of Water, Brewer of Tales and Secrets
Yokevah, Expressive Soul of Wood, who Speaks Truth

And his Warden Soul is Sharfin, who Guards with One Thousand Swords

Attending the Great Dragon of Water, Whose Name Brings Floods

Tiandian, Expressive Soul of Air, Mother of Storm Mothers
Simat, Reflective Soul of Earth, the Jade Wall Strategos
Balsenfin, Wisdom Soul of Fire, Dancer of Inevitable Rebellion
Slid, Defining Soul of Water, On whom the Sea Waits
Japassa, Indulgent Soul of Wood, the Revel-Fish

And his Warden Soul was Kraken the Sea-King, the Ship-Breaker, Who Knew All Beneath the Depths, who has been slain.

Attending the Great Dragon of Wood, whose Name Makes Stone Take Root

Alkonost, Wisdom Soul of Air, Whose Voice Whelms Reason
Hoynur, Expressive Soul of Earth, Harvester of Jewels
Smoldering Gray Bear, Indulgent Soul of Fire, who Ever Grows His Garden Anew
Pilaan, Reflective Soul of Water, Patient One
Yggdrasil, Defining Soul of Wood, whose roots touch the base of the Omphalos

And his Warden Soul was Humbaba the Giant, Who Goes Where He Will, Keeper of the Redwood Mantis, who has been slain.


Still working on this in bits and pieces. Some names were lifted pretty directly from mythologies of Greece and Pegana and elsewhere. A couple, on the other hand, are just bits thrown together. -- Mockery

So, I'm moving ridiculous slow on this, yes. And then I realized some people were already doing something like this on the Taxonomy of Madness. Mind you, my vision of Gaia is not, I imagine, compatible with everyone's. So I'll keep hammering away here, and hopefully, someday, I'll have an alternative list worth looking at. -- Mockery

Just a couple comments. In responce to "Gaia possesses but five" it says on pg 307 "Each Yozi has at least a dozen souls". I realise that "Yozi" and "Primordial" isn't exactly the same thing at this point, but I would still be tempted to add a few more beyond the base five. Also, one interesting tidbit from Wonders of the Lost Age pg 114, "... the geomancy of the world is Gaia's body, and further damage to the demesnes of her souls... might actually endanger the life-giving Primordial." - ExhilaratedRosewood

Hence my repeated statements that I'm ignoring large swaths of canon as it does not mesh with my liking. I've reiterated it on this page now so nobody makes the mistake that I'm actually running with what's in the books alone, or at least wholly compatibly. I despise the "Creation is Gaia\Bad Geomancy could kill her" train of thought with burning gouts of passion. No Primordial should unintentionally fall victim to poor city planning. I also am not a fan of the "Gaia's souls are demesnes" idea--Oadenol's Codex points out a problem with this train of thought in that man-made demesnes are possible: are people creating new souls? Summoning them? In my mind, if they in fact are quasisentient pieces of Gaia, it would be on par with First Circle progeny: infinitely reproducible and not possessed of a great degree of autonomy. -- Mockery
Well, if thats how how feel about the issue then I refer you to rule number 1, although you seem to have a good grasp of it already. Do whatever the heck you want =P - ExhilaratedRosewood

I really love your project, these are beautiful names and make me feel like fleshing them out and throwing them in bits and pieces into my Exalted worlds. <3 - Paincake