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Maverick's Page


Hey Everybody, I am Maverick. My real name is Bret and I live in Fairbanks,AK. I am just your normal joe smoe, I work a full time job at Fred Meyers, have a girlfriend( wich is why I am always late to my game sessions, hehe), and I like to go to the movies. I love martial art, in fact I am a black belt myself, and I love anime, mainly DBZ. My favorite martial artist is Jet Li, just for the pure basis that whenever they make a movie with him in it they have to slow the camera down in order to catch his punches and the fact that he is an actual martial artist unlike some of those pussies out there who will remain unnamed.( cough, Van Damne, cough, cough). I play in Sigilistic's game and have been for years now. Over the years I have played in many campaigns from many different games, but the one I have found to be the most adventursome and exciting is, duh, Exalted. I play mainly Solar Exalted but from time to time I will play as members of the other exalts. My page will go over the more important characters that I play and the longest running.



RenshiDoro - Dawn Caste ex-bodyguard looking for revenge on the people who killed his Damio.

Character Fiction

Origins - How Renshi Doro came to be one of the champions of the sun.

Members of the Solar Circle

The Missing Pieces-Other Champions of the Sun whom have rallied with Renshi Doro Martigan- Night caste guerilla fighter against the tyranny of Mask of Winters;Survivor of the Thorns massacare

Game Counter

Renshi Doro- 3 games and counting


MageDragon 's site, which features a nifty novelization of our group's exploits.

LordCrios 's site, which features some of his own homebrew stuff and also some in-character journal entries and fiction.