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Resplendent Air Style


Surely he who commands the wind is invincible.


Precise forms learned by rote control the essence of the wind in this style, so students are taught one kata at a time, and practice their current assignment hundreds of times a day. The advanced kata are truly spectacular to behold, as they display the use of raw Air Essence in staggering quantities.

Weapons and Armor

There are no form weapons for this style. Any form of armor is allowed, though.

Complementary Abilities

Lore is required in equal amount to Martial Arts for all charms of this style. Practitioners also tend to develop Awareness, Integrity, and Occult, but the charms of the style do not require it.


Lash of Wind

Cost: 1m/2L
Minimums: Essence 2, MA 3
Type: Simple (Speed 5, DV -2)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: None

The classic first charm of a Resplendent style: a variation on an elemental bolt. This lash has a length of Essence yards, and is a Martial Arts attack with a damage of 2L per mote spent, up to MA in motes. If the Martial Artist can perform an Air-aspected Elemental Bolt, the maximum damage becomes Stamina + MA in motes spent. The range also increases to Essence x 5 yards in this case.

Shield of Wind

Cost: 1m/DV
Minimums: Essence 2, MA 4
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Lash of Wind

This kata knocks attacks away with gusts of wind. Each mote spent adds 1 to Martial Arts Parry DV against a single attack, up to Martial Arts in motes.

Airborne Assault

Cost: 5m
Minimums: Essence 2, MA 4
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Shield of Wind

A blast of wind carries the Martial Artist skywards, and his descent brings a crushing air pressure which adds force to his blow. During the tick the attack enhanced by this charm is delivered, the Martial Artist may make a Leap as a reflexive move action, and must Leap at least 4 yards. Double the damage dice of the attack after applying soak. Do not double any automatic health levels of damage.

Resplendent Air Form

Cost: 6m
Minimums: Essence 2, MA 5
Type: Simple (Speed 7, DV -0)
Keywords: Form-Type, Obvious
Duration: Scene
Prerequisite Charms: Airborne Assault

When assuming the stance of Air Resplendent, the essence of Air is easy to channel. Reduce the cost of all Dragon-Blooded Thrown charms and all air-aspected Martial Arts charms by 1 mote, to a minimum of 0. However, to gain this focus, it is necessary to tune out all other kinds of essence - increase the cost of all other charms by 1 mote.


Cost: -
Minimums: Essence 3, MA 5
Type: Permanent
Keywords: Obvious, Counterattack
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Resplendent Air Form

If an opponent's attack misses when using Shield of Wind, this charm upgrades Shield of Wind to provide a counterattack for 1m (spent in step 9). The counterattack uses Dexterity + Martial Arts, and has a base damage equal to the motes spent powering the Shield of Wind against the initial attack. This damage is lethal, and results from increased power in the shield. Opponents encounter a painful jolt of powerful Air Essence when they attempt an attack, instead of getting through. This takes all the usual forms of Air Essence: biting cold, high winds, and lightning.


Cost: 1m/2L, 2w
Minimums: Essence 3, MA 5
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Scene
Prerequisite Charms: Resplendent Air Form

Wreathed in hurricane-force winds, the Resplendent Air practitioner can buy up to (Essence x 2) bonus damage for the scene. All attacks while this charm is in use are Lethal, and may not be turned to Bashing without canceling the charm. Furthermore, a Dragon-Blood's anima flux will be caught up in these swirling winds. Instead of damaging everything around, add 1L to the damage of the character's Martial Arts attacks per stage of the anima flux. At a cost of 1 mote per attack, each attack may be made at a range of up to Essence feet away.


Cost: 1m/attack
Minimums: Essence 4, MA 5
Type: Extra Action
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Hurricane-Force, Gale-Force

The destructive force of a tornado. This charm may only be used while Hurricane-Force is active, and by using this charm, that one ends prematurely - though its bonuses persist for this flurry, they disappear as soon as the attacks are resolved. The attacker may buy up to MA in extra attacks (for a total of up to MA + 1 attacks), creating a magical flurry with no multiple-action penalties, and no DV penalty. Each attack may be independently targeted at any opponent within reach.

Maelstrom Attack

Cost: 10m1w
Minimums: Essence 4, MA 5
Type: Simple (Speed 6, DV -2)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Tornado-Force

The ultimate attack of the Resplendent Air style may only be performed while Hurricane-Force is active, and just like its predecessor, it uses up all of the force - Hurricane-Force automatically ends after this attack is resolved. This is a Martial Arts attack, and a Clinch. If successful, the clinch automatically ends when it begins, but still re-sets the opponent's action with a 5-tick period of inactivity. The clinch is used to throw the opponent, who is carried (Essence x 5) yards in any desired direction. The damage of this attack is Strength + Essence, plus any applicable bonuses from other charms, such as Hurricane-Force. This attack is unblockable.


Well, I realize it's heavily work in progress, but so far, I like it!
-- Darloth

Did you look at Ascending Air style? - IanPrice

Changes in the works:

  1. Airborne Assault will double post-soak damage.
  2. Gale-Force will have a base damage of 1L per mote spent on Shield of Wind.
  3. Gale-Force will be a permanent charm which upgrades Shield of Wind.


Changes made - IanPrice

Good changes, the style feels much more balanced than it did before. That being said, I'm still leery about Lash of Wind's synergistic effect with Elemental Bolt. Two entry level charms, a common as dirt artifact, and 10 motes get you a 40 damage attack. This gets even more ludicrous when you consider Hurricane Force and Airborne Assault. If you want Hurricane Force to work the way it did in the fight, I would change its text to read "...the martial artist may add bonus damage to all of his attacks at the rate of 1 mote per two dice. He may spend no more motes powering this charm than his essence rating." As I mentioned before, the way it reads now, the damage caps at essence x2. So while an elemental lens will buy you 4 dice per mote, you still cannot buy more than twice your essence in dice. -Ambisinister

Actually, I'm thinking of reversing what we did in the fight and saying yes, the dice are hard-capped at Essence x2. I'm thinking of putting the same wording into Lash of Wind too, to limit its power, though allowing mote-effeciency using an Elemental Lens. After all, having a 20L attack is tough enough. Having a 20L attack for 2m each time, with the form and Hurricane Force active, is really potent. I don't think the style needs the potential for a 56L attack which doubles its post-soak damage. - IanPrice